Did anyone just see that..?

I’m sure all you’ve been hearing for days is that a partial solar eclipse was going to occur in the skies above the UK today. The last one happened sixteen years ago in the summer of 1999 when I was just sixteen and quite ignorant of what was happening. I did not want to miss it this time around.

Whether you were watching it unfold on live television or stood outside trying not to burn your retinas out by looking directly at the sun (ouch) you have to admit it was a sight to behold. The television feeds gave you the incredible shots of the super moon appearing to come across and block out most of the sun at approximately 9:30am (the time did depend on your location) or if like me you stood outside and saw and felt what happened which was an experience I can only describe as eerie.

From the beginning of the eclipse at 8:30am Milton Keynes was covered in a false twilight cover of light, the birds were quiet and the air grew colder and colder.

Whether you are a space nut or not. You can’t deny witnessing an act of nature so much bigger than our own existence made you feel small and humble in the universe. I envy the people who witnessed the eclipse at The Faroe Islands north of the UK where they were plunged into darkness. My parents were lucky enough to be there for it and I really can’t wait to see what photographs they might have captured.

The next one is going to occur on the 12th August 2026. A whole eleven years to wait. Quite scary to think by then what age we will be and what life has in store for us, until next time.