Through all the daily run-of-the-mill funny cat photos, mundane status updates and selfies on Facebook, five days ago a news article from Metro caught my eye. It was an article about a little boy called Seth Lane who was born with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (no immune system). The article then lead me to his parent’s blog which is about Seth’s battle with the illness. The reason for the article was because the family have uploaded a YouTube video of Seth telling people who he was, his age, what he loves (Fireman Sam, Paw Patrol and Yellow!) and asking that on Friday 27th March for everyone to wear yellow, his favourite colour to show him how much support he has. Then if you share it online on Facebook, twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WearYellowForSeth his parents have said they will print them all off to show Seth and will stick them up around his room in hospital where he stays in isolation whilst waiting for a second bone marrow transplant.

As a new parent his story has really touched me. I will be wearing yellow for Seth on Friday and I hope that by sharing this, as many people as possible can show in some small way that we are supporting him.

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