10 things people from Milton Keynes do when the sun comes out

This long bank holiday weekend has been one of those really special, beautifully lazy, family weekends. We have done lots of Easter baking. We’ve visited relatives and friends. And of course we have eaten far too much chocolate.

We were very lucky to have the sun come out on Easter Monday and the temperatures went up to the highest they’ve been so far this year and it made me think…


10 things people from Milton Keynes do when the sun comes out

  1. Sit in traffic on the M1
    Northbound, Southbound, it doesn’t matter. Everyone normally tries to escape Milton Keynes as soon as the sun appears. Sadly by doing so they spend their bank holidays sat in a hot car, with kids screaming, in 90 minute tailbacks wishing they were still in MK.
  2. Everyone is in sunglasses
    Even when the sun’s behind a cloud, even sat in the shade, and even worse, indoors.
  3. Set up camp in a pub garden
    People flock to sit outside Moon Under Water to sit in that wicked wind that whips around Xscape. Or their local pub. People like to enjoy their beers alfresco. They taste better that way. Even if the wind chill is near 0.
  4. Let the kids play with the hosepipe
    It entertains them, they leave you alone and most importantly there’s no hosepipe ban, yet!
  5. Sit indoors updating your Facebook status on how warm it is
    I think we’ve all been guilty of becoming weather broadcasters on-line.
  6. Bike rides on the MK Redways 
    …for all of five minutes and then you end up at the local pub, sat outside with a sore butt. (Refer to point 3)
  7. Selfies
    Selfies in the sun, half naked selfies, #imsureivegoneashadedarker selfies
  8. Have a BBQ
    If you try and buy a soft burger or hotdog roll after 12pm on a sunny day, forget it. Shelves are empty and you’re made to turn creative with a pesto wrap
  9. Girls wear bikinis as underwear
    In Milton Keynes we are approximately 120 miles from the nearest beach but that doesn’t stop the bikini wearing – just in case.
  10. Walk around Willen Lake
    Costs a fortune to park, the swans attack you but still, it’s a beloved destination when the sun comes out.