Sunshine, Cocktails & Yummies

There has been a wealth of sunshine over Milton Keynes this week. It’s hard not to wear a smile, a bounce in your step and a fresh head that just wants to have summery fun with your loved ones. On top of that it’s only two days until my Birthday! So I am extra, extra excited.

To kick off festivities early. My husband and I decided to venture out for a treat. Now there’s so many eateries in Milton Keynes that serve great food but to try and get a decent drink at the same time is nay, impossible. I’m a girl who likes her cocktails. So an easy choice for us was Revolution at Xscape. (Shh it’s also special as it’s where we first met on a night out many moons ago)

They have just launched a new food menu which is another perk, after seeing the photos of the new food items on Facebook it was decided.


As the temperatures were reaching twenty two degrees across MK and the sun was pounding down on us. We opted for one of their new summer cocktails called Captain Coconut. Rum (YUM!), Malibu, banana liqueur, pineapple and orange juice. Served on a mountain of ice to maintain super freezing temperatures and presented in a Boston tin (Cocktail shaker to me and you) from the first sip I could have easily been sitting on a beach in the Caribbean. Delicious.

Now we were ready to get our eat on. We decided to share the street food crate which was my type of grub. Small picky bits including two pulled beef sliders, the best ‘fat’ chips I have tasted in a long time that were dusted in ‘viper dust’, dough dogs, fried chicken (which tasted great with the pot of hot buffalo sauce) and a pot of very unique bbq crackling puffs. All served in a rustic crate, and in various enamel bowls and mugs. It was a fun dish and suited me to be able to try little bits of everything.


For our mains we had the Pepperjack burgers which was filled with really crispy, tasty onion rings and came with a jug of rich pepper sauce (The husband adored the sauce – he loves pepper on everything). Really good burger that would rival many local ‘meat orientated’ restaurants.


After that we could barely move, and with full bellies and sun-kissed cheeks, we slowly made our way home. Cup of tea and Netflix. I’m spent.