Hello June 2015. Btw, can I borrow your umbrella?


Only a couple of days ago in true Brit style, it was splashed across all the front pages that the UK was about to experience a scorching heatwave to start June off in style. We are now only two days in and we’ve experienced heavy rain, gale force winds and in my household we even had the heating on!

I don’t pretend to understand how the weather works and how one day’s weather report becomes the complete opposite within 24 hours however, I do love how it’s the British way, to report in the media that we will be under ‘attack’ by some sort of extreme weather. Like the ‘weather bomb’ early in 2015, the ‘Frozen Britain’ snow blizzards that ended up being a spot of rain, or the extreme summer heat waves that don’t even give us a chance to heat up the BBQ.

Maybe it’s a Milton Keynes thing. Are we sheltered due to being an inland town, smack in the middle of an island? Or, maybe it’s a UK/island thing in general.

My only advice to you is to always have a contingency plan. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket where the weather is concerned. Get ready to bring your picnic indoors, take your umbrellas to weddings and definitely do not buy sun lotion on 3 for 2.

June isn’t shaping up to be all bad though. We have Glastonbury and Download Festivals. Queens and Wimbledon tennis championships. Pimms and Prosecco (Just don’t drink us dry Milton Keynes – there’s apparently a shortage!)

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