Gig alert: MK is the new black

MK11, a place I have many memories of. I remember spending so many nights at that place when I was young, back when it was the members club, having cheeky beers and playing pool for hours. Now it’s MK11, a firmly established live music venue in Milton Keynes putting on impressive gigs in perfectly intimate surroundings.

On July 2nd they are playing host to Welsh hardcore rockers Funeral for a Friend who took the scene by storm when they emerged from Bridgend in Wales in 2001 with their own sound of hardcore rock. Fourteen years later and after the release of their seventh studio album ‘Chapter and Verse’ in January they are in the midst of a massive Europe wide tour.

As a band that I never got the chance to see when I was younger. I am extremely excited they are playing my home town and I finally get the chance to experience them performing live. The song I really hope they will play? This one right here!

Tickets are only £13.00 and there’s still some left! Best hurry if you want one, as this event will definitely be a sell-out – Check out MK11’s FB page to find out where to get tickets from