Gig alert: Ash and Dave


I first saw Ash and Dave when they competed at the MK Social’s vocal competition last month. To say I fell in love with their style and talent is putting it mildly. They have bags of energy, they are highly entertaining and they have a great repertoire of classic big band songs to perform in their own unique style. Right up my street. See below.

I was quite saddened when I found out they weren’t based in Milton Keynes and herald from High Wycombe (hiss). However, I am so pleased to say they are back in MK on Saturday (27th June) and will be performing at The Cricketers pub in Oldbrook.

This is a free gig people! It’s really worth coming along to check out this talented duo and hopefully we’ll start seeing them more in the future in MK. Sources are telling me they’ll be performing at 9pm. Maybe see you at the bar?