50’s dress 101 – emergency help for outfit choices!

Husband and I are super excited to be attending our first 50’s Jump Joint in Milton Keynes next Saturday (28th) with the promise of a famous blues band performing (The Excellos) and burlesque performances (Miss Suzie Sequin) and a beautiful host (Scarlett Royale) it is shaping up to be a fantastic night. My husband said to me the other day, “But what do you want me to wear?” and I must admit I pulled a blank expression back at him. 50’s rockabilly dress without spending a fortune? I had to do some research and I hope this can help some of you…

So you’ve agreed to go to that 50’s night and you know everyone is going to be dressed up in their finest 50’s gear. You’ve never been to a rockabilly night before and you’ve barely mastered the current decade’s fashion. What do you wear!?

It’s okay, don’t panic. Here’s a quick guide that can help you pull off the 50’s look with next to no stress!

Rockabillys (The men)

Blue jeans – most guys have a pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. Failing that, no one is going to blink an eye if you’re in a different colour trouser.

A short sleeved shirt – can be plaid if you’ve got one, but any shirt will do. Wear a T-Shirt underneath or if you really can’t find a suitable shirt, just wear the T-Shirt and source some braces or a waistcoat for some serious rockabilly swagger.

On your feet – Converse, creeper shoes, boots. Whatever you wear, get ready to get your stomp on!

Finishing touches – Get your tatts out!


Why don’t you check out Pinterest for more inspiration fellas?

Rockabellas (The ladies)

Dresses – Polka-dots, striped swing dresses. Belted at the waist and lots of petticoats.

On your feet – Open toe heels or if you want to dance the night away don’t be afraid to rock up in your converse or dolly shoes.

Finishing touches – Red lips, rolled fringes, pigtails and headscarves are all acceptable!


Thanks to the LindyBop Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lindybopdresses/

Ladies, if you want some seriously beautiful inspiration check out the Lindy Bop Instagram feed too https://www.instagram.com/lindy_bop/

The Jump Joint is a 50’s rockabilly pop up club night in Milton Keynes on Saturday 28th November. They promise to take you to another time, where music reigns, dance is exhilarating and the performers dazzle. You can find out all about it here http://ginfizz.co.uk/jump-joint04