8 Ways to beat the January blues


january blues

Following the highs of Christmas and New Years, it can be a depressing time as we enter January. Funds can be low, the weather miserable and we feel like Summer is a million days away. Here’s 8 ways of tackling the rut of the January blues…

  1. Charity
    Continue the spirit of Christmas. Donate some food to your local food bank, find out about local volunteer opportunities or join a local community group like Happy Mondays in Wolverton who meet weekly to socialise and craft together whilst helping good causes.
  2. Eat Out
    During the month of January most restaurants have to try and entice customers in as everyone feels the pinch post-Christmas. If you can afford to eat out then you will be able to enjoy some fantastic deals like 30% off the a la carte menu at Mastee for the whole of January (T&Cs apply).
  3. Eat Well
    It’s really hard when it’s cold outside and it doesn’t help when Christmas has left your food cupboard in a shocking state of chocolates, sweets and not much else. BUT eating poorly can be to blame for feeling down in the dumps. Put down the quality street leftovers and pick up something fresh!
  4. Chapter 1
    Time to focus on new beginnings. Whether you want to get fit and healthier, declutter your home or learn something new, there really is no more motivating month for change than January.
  5. Go Outside
    Get your wellies on and get yourself outside. Whether January turns out to be as weirdly mild as December is yet to be seen. But if it stays wet and nasty don’t become an indoor hermit. Fresh air does wonders for feeling down. Exercise does even more. A brisk walk will have you skipping home ready for a cup of hot chocolate.
  6. Get Away
    Book a holiday. Probably one of the most cheerful things to do is go away on holiday. Most holiday companies only require a small deposit to secure your break but it gives you something extremely exciting to look forward to.
  7. Look Ahead
    If like me you love being prepared, you need to know that Pancake Day is on February 9th this year, so now is the perfect time to get practicing. Are you a traditionalist, with a simple squeeze of lemon and sugar? Or are you an extrovert and will be scouring Pinterest with intentions to create something worthy of a Bake Off trophy? The skies the limit really, or the ceiling…
  8. Silly Banter
    Take Me Out
    is back on ITV on Saturday night! I, for one am a little tired of X Factor taking over the Saturday night prime time spot during the autumn months and who doesn’t love a bit of Paddy McGuinness. Great entertainment if you (or your wallet) can’t face going out this month.


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