New Year, new man in my life?

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Man wanted. Reliable, good runner, about 1200kg?

You know I’m talking about a car, right? I can’t help but always think of my cars as people. I always have… don’t you?

Car shopping is hardly up there with the best things to shop for, at least in my book. A car is a necessity for me, both for work and as a mum. But, however necessary, cars are not something I tend to get excited about. What they make easy in terms of transportation comes with the responsibility of upkeep, servicing, MOT, insurance and that’s without counting the expensive peripherals like tyres. So when I see a cars price tag, all I really see is how fast their value depreciates and it’s just uninspiring to me. I’m the sort of girl who likes to protect my assets and cars just don’t play ball.

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Beloved Bruce

But, my beloved Bruce, a very nippy VW golf GTI is now sixteen years old and he is feeling the pressure of performing in his elder years. Every other month he suffers some new ailment resulting in a breakdown, then he’s back in the garage to remedy, complimented by a large bill and then repeat. And I now think it’s time to let him rest.


But now this most indecisive girl has to make a decision. New or used? Bought outright or leased? And that’s before choosing a manufacturer. VW has had their fair share of bad press in the past twelve months, so are they out the race? Ford, common on our roads but are they reliable? Audi, who have wowed me with their impressive features, but are they affordable? And Nissan with their fun, extrovert designs, are they more than just eye candy?


Checking out the Ford selection (wishing it was Tom Ford…)

Whatever I choose, and choose I must. Thank you to Bruce for being so fun to drive and I can’t wait to show you what car I finally choose (and importantly, his name!).