New year, new smile. Read how…

Strap yourselves in, it’s a big one.

Sadly as a species we humans are highly critical of ourselves and of others. As we have evolved, two things have been created. One, the technology and ability to change ourselves whether it be colouring our hair, wearing contact lenses instead of glasses or even undergoing surgery for a brand new face. Two, the reasoning that we shouldn’t. It’s vain, perfection is an unachievable and arguably impossible goal to try and reach and our lives should be enriched by caring less about ourselves and more about others.

So, what happens when you don’t like a part of you that can’t be changed by visiting a make-up counter or a hair-dressers?

Changing part of yourself permanently or at least for a very long time is a very serious thing to consider. None of us are here indefinitely. Fact. And I, no different from you are reminded quite bluntly as each day passes that life is short and it sure as hell shouldn’t be wasted.

Anyhow. I am by no means perfect, I sincerely believe that. You could say my biggest flaw is being my own worst critic, but now I’m comfortably in my thirties, I have one thing bothering me, who am I living for? Myself or for the idea of how you should live? Are the two the same?

So, perfect teeth? We’ve all seen the Joey Essex brilliant white gnashers. Simon Cowells. Or practically anyone who works in the entertainment business. Yes, no two sets of teeth are the same. We all have different face shapes, jaw shapes and what we have to work with. But my want for perfect teeth strives from more than just a dazzling white smile although I can think of worse things to wish for. Since my wisdom teeth came fully through they pulled no punches, filling up my mouth with no thought to the consequences. My very average, non-descript teeth have since been silently suffering. My front teeth from a safe spectator distance look normal enough, but in reality they are starting to twist and one is being pushed in front of the other. My bottom teeth are straining to find space to breathe and a couple of back teeth have even given up after a poor fight and started to stray off on their own.

As a girl who suffers from anxiety on top of my insecurities, I am ever so careful to not show my flaws more than I need to. If you’ve met me you’ve probably never noticed these things. I am a girl who is good at being incognito. One day I noticed a friend put up a photo of herself on social media referring to her undergoing Invisalign treatment to straighten her teeth. I couldn’t help but instantly message her with a dozen questions. What was it like? Did it hurt? Did she think it was working? Who was treating her? And the seed had been sown.

Invisalign straightens teeth using nearly invisible, removable plastic aligners that are custom-made for your own teeth. So essentially removable, comfortable, incognito braces.

I did my research. I am a girl who loves to do her research. I had consultations with no less than three separate dental practices that claim to be orthodontic specialists. They all told me the same. I was a good candidate for the treatment. I would see long term benefits for the health of my teeth as well as the confidence boost that my teeth would be straight. But the orthodontist my friend was having her treatment with stood out to me.

FullSizeRender (47)

The dentists light! ARGHHH!

Dr Resh Diu. An orthodontist within thirty miles of my home who is a platinum elite certified Invisalign dentist. He’s personally delivered over eight thousand Invisalign aligners to patients. Wow, that’s a lot of teeth!

After meeting Resh at his practice Oradi Dental in Wellingborough, I have to say he is the most down to earth and lovely dentist I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He explains everything very clearly. Will not sugar-coat the facts and has no problem with me badgering him with a million and one questions. Any time of night you can email this guy with a question about Invisalign and he’ll respond as soon as he can. Customer service win.

I discussed it with my husband and agreed this was the treatment for me and my teeth. I was excited to get the wheels in motion or should that be teeth in motion? And my first proper Invisalign appointment was made.

FullSizeRender (46)

The dentist’s chair. Not my most favourite place to be!

The first appointment was really just one massive interrogation for my teeth. I had X-Rays, numerous moulds taken of my teeth and lots of photographs. This is all sent over to America where the Invisalign Company generate the treatment plan that your dentist prescribes. I just had to watch my inbox for an email with a computer generated animation of what would happen to my teeth throughout the treatment. How cool is that? I get to see the end result before it happens.

The email came and I was dumb-struck. My teeth could do this? Amazing. This is the stage where if needed you can discuss backwards and forwards with your dentist about the finished result etc. When you’ve agreed that you’re happy to proceed Invisalign create your aligners and get them delivered to your dentist.

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One pair of aligners does not create straight teeth. No fewer than twenty two pairs of aligners are prescribed for my treatment but everyone is different so please don’t take that as gospel. Each set of aligners will be worn for two weeks and then I move onto the next set and on, and on.

FullSizeRender (44)

Care and instruction booklet for Invisalign

When the aligners had arrived at Oradi Dental I was booked in to see Resh again. This time was for him to prepare my mouth. I had to have a tiny bit of space made between my teeth. No injections and no pain. Hooray! Then I had to have these little buttons of stuff placed on certain teeth. It’s sort of like the substance they use for fillings. It’s what helps manipulate the teeth. They feel funny on your teeth, like sharp little things that shouldn’t be there but they won’t be there forever so a small price to pay. Then he showed me how to put in the aligners for the first time. Wow, they felt weird the first time they went in. My salvia was going crazy, I felt like I had food stored in my cheeks and a strange pressure around my whole mouth.

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The box that contains all the Invisalign aligners needed for the whole treatment

FullSizeRender (42)

Each pair of aligners come in individually numbered packets

So here is where we are today. Invisalign day one.

I’ll keep you updated with what’s happening with them and how I feel my treatment is going. If it’s something you’ve always been interested in either for yourself or just for curiosities-sake make sure you like my Facebook page and you won’t miss an update. If you’ve got a specific question or just want to chat about Invisalign you can drop me a message to and I’ll be happy to hear from you.


Going home with my Invisalign aligners in for the first time.. dribble!

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