Blind folded and let loose with a bottle of rum

Last night I was invited to a media evening/bloggers event at Rev de Cuba in The Theatre District, Milton Keynes. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet some other bloggers who until last night, I’d only corresponded with on social media. Namely, Jo from Girl Eats World and Rob from Robs Ribs, both local food bloggers and really good company. It was also great to catch up with Vicky, The Powderpuff Room beauty blogger and also to see a few MKFM buddies, Lia, Vicki and Darren.

This was a launch event for Rev de Cuba for their new cantina (grub, to me and you) and cocktail menu.

We started the evening with the most delicious, frozen rhubarb cocktails, which tasted as good as they look. We sipped these whilst admiring and getting the low down on the cocktails from their new menu. Rev de Cuba is all about the rum and these new specials specifically focus on golden varieties of rum. All the cocktails are beautifully presented and are a treat for the eyes as much as the tongue. Just look at them!




I was speaking with one of Rev’s cocktail makers Misan, when I recalled my bad experience trying mojitos. Actually, my first ever mojito put me off the whole idea of them. Mint that was smashed to smithereens that ended up shooting up the straw and destroying my palette with extreme, harsh mint flavours and nothing much else. I didn’t know why everyone was so hell bent on going crazy for them. Misan was so shocked that she marched me straight behind the bar and showed me exactly how she makes a mojito and then got me to make my one for myself. I am by no means a cocktail making expert, although I do find myself well experienced in the enjoyment of drinking them. I was then quite taken back by the subtle and refreshing taste of the classic mojito even made by my own amateur hands. They might not my most favourite drink on offer but they are definitely not the unpleasant experience I remember from all those years back. Thanks Misan!



Then with three other volunteers, I took part in the most hilarious bar game. Split into pairs, one of us was blind folded and had to stand behind our partner at the bar. The blind folded contestant then had to reach around their team mate to make a mojito whilst not being able to see a single bean. I was the one who was blind folded and it was so hard trying to find everything and make a drink with nothing but my team mate Vicki giving me instructions on where to find things. It was so much fun and I’m so glad that I didn’t pour rum or lime juice all over her!


We then all sat down with little plates and cutlery (and by this point in the evening, hungry tummies) and was introduced dish by dish to the new Cantina Menu.


There was a two types of meaty sharing boards followed by a varied selection of tapas dishes. My firm favourite, as mentioned in a post about a previous visit, is the quality of their guacamole. Seriously tasty and moreish, I would come here for the nachos alone. The chicken thighs tapas dish was also good, with nice crispy chicken skin. I also checked out their meat balls and they were also soft and pleasing!

Then it was time for mains, including beef and chicken burritos, burgers and chimichurri chicken skewers (try saying that after a few cocktails). All perfectly acceptable and stomach filling.

Rev de Cuba has such a wonderful ambience inside. It doesn’t pretend to be fine dining so don’t come rocking in and expecting caviar and pan fried duck breasts. However it is the perfect place to meet friends, have a few cocktails and enjoy something different from just typical British pub grub.

As ever, Rev de Cuba. It’s been an absolute pleasure.