Three local beers under the spotlight

I am all for keeping things as local as possible, so when I heard that Frosts Garden Centre had a new range of locally brewed beers (and my husband and I had a thirst for the weekend) we decided to hop, skip and motor over to Frosts to sample whether local beer can be as tasty as your run-of-the-mill beverages.


We picked a selection of three local beers:

  • Moonshine 5.2% from White Park Brewery in Cranfield
  • Borrowers Bitter 3.6% from Leighton Buzzard Brewing Co in Leighton Buzzard
  • Triple Goat Pale Ale 3.9% from Hornes Brewery in Bow Brickhill


Not to be confused with the crazy spirit. This beer from Cranfield was the highest in ABV at 5.2% but you really couldn’t tell from the taste and it went down very easily. Refreshing, zingy with peppery hops. The packaging is wonderful, I was really drawn in by the metallic moon and stars (I’m such a magpie).

Borrowers Bitter

A very traditional tasting bitter. Smooth, brewed with five different hops. This beer from Leighton Buzzard could easily be drunk all night. Great tasting and definitely will become a regular in our household.

Triple Goat’s Pale Ale.

A pale ale brewed with malted pale barley and whole flower hops. This was the heaviest of the three in consistency. A hearty, rich, sweet tasting beer which you can really experience the whole flower hops used to brew it. One for putting hairs on your chest!


Photo from Frosts Garden Centre FB Page:

This was just three of the many locally brewed beers available at Frosts Garden Centre. What an achievement for these local breweries to be turning out delicious tasting beers to suit different occasions. Next time you are in the supermarket and eyeing up beers that have spent more life travelling to the supermarket than being made, maybe consider looking a little closer to home. I will be.

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