Lush Bath Melt – Snow Angel

IMG_5545Tonight’s bath was my first using a bath melt from Lush. A bath melt is described from Lush as a solid bath oil for when you want pure bath time luxury. Made with natural butters and essential oils. This particular one was from the Christmas 2015 range and it’s called Snow Angel.


I ran a bath as normal, then when it was finished I placed the bath melt into the water. It’s slower than any bath bomb at dissolving but it still puts on a pretty show. You can literally see the oils oozing into your bath. It’s quite peaceful to watch and starts your bath off on a relaxing note.


As you can see from the picture the Snow Angel is half white and half pure gold glitter. Once it’s dissolved I was amazed to be facing a lime green bath! It reminded me of a margarita cocktail, complete with white foam. Where had all that gold gone? Where had the green come from? I think it’s down to the essential oils.


The colour aside, when I got into the waters I couldn’t believe how it felt. Like I was bathing in the finest oils, the water felt rich and smooth and so luxurious. It was a very pleasant soak indeed.

After a wonderful time relaxing, it was time to get out. My skin felt moisturised and relaxed. However, I would say my skin didn’t feel as moisturised and buttery as after a butterball bath bomb.

When the bath had drained I sure did discover where all that gold glitter had gone! My bathtub looked like I had just showered off from the 90’s (all bronzer, tan and glitter hair sprays).


Sadly, this item was part of the Christmas 2015 range so you can’t find them in store anymore. However, there is a rather fetching bath bomb melt (half melt, half bomb) called the Golden Egg it’s priced at £3.95 and after enjoying this Snow Angel I think I’m going to be picking up a few of them.

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