Percys Expansion: BBQ for one and all

For the past five years Percys has been a breath of fresh air for food takeaways in Milton Keynes. A BBQ food company who have had thousands and thousands of people fall in love with their take on American takeout food.


As they operated out of a small unit in Crownhill, they could only offer delivery to half of Milton Keynes. I’ve never lived in that delivery catchment so we always had to collect our orders. To be honest, not a  huge deal but after having a child and bearing in mind they go to bed at 7pm, collecting a last minute decision Percys in the evening was just not possible anymore. I dreamed of Percys being able to expand their delivery area.

In early 2016 that dream became real. A post on their social media confirmed that Percys were opening a second unit to cover even more of MK. It quickly and excitedly unravelled that the unit was going to be at Willen and they were going to be able to deliver to me!


I was stoked. This excitement reached fever pitch when I was approached by Percys to help them test drive their new kitchen equipment, chefs and staff for my very first Percys delivery before they go live to the public. Of course I was never going to say no!

So, on a very rainy and windy Easter Saturday, I placed our order on the phone to the Willen branch. We ordered a California burger, a Pastrami lamb flatbread and of course, two portions of my most favourite, dreamy home fries and a side of BBQ beans to dunk them in.

A short while later when I heard a light knock at the front door and a man standing their holding out a Percys bag to me, I could’ve kissed him.



The California burger and in fact all the burgers at Percys have now had a burger bun adjustment. In my opinion this soft, seeded brioche sourdough bun is a big improvement on the sourdough predecessor. The burger, which was destined for my husband actually got shared with me because it tasted so damn good. Pink beef (the only way it should be, in my opinion) Swiss cheese, hickory smoked bacon and BBQ sauce. NOM!



My go-to Percys staple, the lamb flatbread hit the spot. I can’t believe they were delivering Percys quality BBQ meat when only a few days ago they were having the kitchen equipment delivered and installed, the staff freshly trained and working on such new premises. 


Now, no meal from Percys is complete without one of their puddings. Double chocolate chip cookies to be precise. They were delivered warm from the oven and still the best American inspired cookies you can get in Milton Keynes. The right amount of chewiness, lots of chocolate and BIG!


So, what a Saturday night takeaway. There is no official date on when Percys at Willen is opening, but please be assured with them at this stage a full opening must be happening very soon.

Are you on the East side of MK? Your prayers are about to be answered. PERCYS AT WILLEN OPENING SOON!