Keratin smoothing treatment or the Brazilian blow dry is a treatment that has had a lot of press over the last few years. And yet for all the good and equally bad press it’s received, I still couldn’t help but dream longingly and think, what could this treatment do for me?

I am in part South American and with that comes many traits that require a little bit more beauty care than your average girl. One is my hair suffers badly in humidity with frizz and waves. Damp weather is not my friend and living in England that can be hard to avoid.

Now since the early 00’s GHD hair straighteners have been a godsend for giving me a smooth straight haired look, but straight hair didn’t come for free. Using flat irons three times a week along with a hair dryer has taken its toll on my fine, frizzy locks to a point where air drying is just not possible. Hideous cotton wool ball if you dare to imagine.

So what was the good press I’d heard on keratin treatments?

They claim to give you frizz free hair for months at a time, without using chemicals to change the structure of your hair permanently.

And the bad…?

From stories of keratin treatments taking days to complete without you being able to wash your hair or get it kinked or curly sounds hard-work on its own without the stories of formaldehyde gas being released during some treatments that could be harmful to breathe. Scary stuff, huh? Definitely do your research.

With my Birthday looming next week it’s that one time of year where I love to indulge and try treatments and products that I wouldn’t normally be able to, and this year the keratin treatment was top of my list. Surely something could tame my hair and stop me relying so heavily on flat irons?


Toni & Guy Milton Keynes at Intu shopping centre was my chosen salon after conducting my research. Their nanokeratin smoothing treatment didn’t need the tradition three days of setting with the product in your hair. They told me that once I had been into the salon I could leave and do what I wanted to my hair, wash it, put it up in a ponytail, walk in a rain storm, anything.

So if you’re curious to know what happens during the Toni & Guy Keratin Smoothing Treatment read on!

When I first arrived at Toni & Guy Milton Keynes I received an extremely warm welcome and someone took my coat and offered me a drink.

I was then taken upstairs for a hair wash. A deep cleansing clarifying shampoo was used to wash my hair thoroughly. No conditioner was applied. I think this was to ensure my hair follicles were up and open ready for the treatment to be applied.

I took a seat with my stylist John and he explained to me what was going to happen for the treatment.


Next he sectioned off my hair and applied the keratin smoothing treatment to my hair with an application brush, making sure he covered every strand of hair with the solution.


Then it was time to play the waiting game. Thirty minutes for the solution to sit in my hair. Tons of time to relax and enjoy some magazine reading.


After thirty minutes had passed I had a swift blow dry to ensure my hair was dry. Then my hair was sectioned and a flat iron was used to straighten it (with solution still applied). This was to seal the solution into my hair. When John had finished with the straightening I must admit, the hair was starting to look pretty damn good!


Next it was back to the sinks again for another wash. This time a deep conditioning mask was used and left on my hair for at least four minutes to deeply nourish my hair. They also gave me a soul softening head massage that felt dreamy!

Then back to my chair with John and he gave me a blow dry of my choice. When he finished, my hair was shining and I was really impressed with how soft it felt to the touch. He finished my hair with some shine spray and I was good to go. Being told my hair was free to do now what it likes!


Important maintenance care to look after your Brazilian blow dry is to always wash your hair in sulphite-free products. Included in the price at Toni & Guy, I have got a full size sulphite-free shampoo and conditioner to try. If these don’t suit me then there’s plenty of others on the market for me to try.


John has advised me at this treatment should last 4-6 months although it does depend on how often you wash your hair and what products you use too. It’s my first treatment so I’m sort of expecting it to not last the full 6 months, at least to start with, but if it really does battle the frizz then it’s definitely going to be a treatment that I’ll be happy to repeat.


The morning after the treatment I’ve woken up to lovely soft shiny hair still. Will it continue? Only time can tell but for now I definitely love my Brazilian blow dry.