It was my Birthday just over a week ago so of course I started celebrating days before and continued it days after. It’s the rule isn’t it?

My thirty third birthday. All the threes. (Less of the cheese).

My biggest birthday event of 2016 was my first ever Brazilian blow dry that I had last weekend at Toni & Guy Milton Keynes. I was a diva and just had to have it done a weekend early so I was primed and ready for the big weekend. If you missed my previous blog you can read all about it here. 

On Monday (still a good six days until my Birthday) Mr LouBou and I piled into the car after a half day of work and made the journey to South East London to the O2 Arena. We were on our way to watch MUSE! The real deal. I was stoked at getting tickets (thanks to one very cool mother-in-law). After enjoying a quick dinner at GBK it was time to pile into the arena. It was possibly one of the best live shows I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Muse put on. They played the entire track The Globalist complete with a massive drone going around the arena and the special effects during The Handler which made it look like a massive pair of hands appeared above the stage and were controlling the band members like puppets on strings was incredible! After a very long and foggy journey drive home to Milton Keynes we were exhausted but wouldn’t have changed it for a second. What a fab way to spend a Monday evening.

Thursday I got an early Birthday gift whilst visiting Debenhams, some new make up! I was so excited that I finally got the time to sit down with one of the Mac girls and get foundation colour matched properly (my skin tone is as changing as the English weather) and now I feel super girlie that I have some decent cosmetics in my kit again.


On Friday I knew Mr LouBou had arranged for us to go out for dinner with my closest girl companions. So when Friday afternoon came and once the little one was napping I enjoyed some glorious time in a Lush comforter bubble bar bath and got myself relaxed and ready for the evening.

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We went to eat at Missoula in The Hub and although this bar is every piece chic and fabulous to look at it, I must admit I was let feeling a little deflated by the food and my dinner guests unfortunately shared my sentiments. Sadly for this blog as I slipped into Birthday switched off mode and I don’t have any photos but if you can imagine a “grilled” seabass being served completely limp with very soft flappy skin akin to it having been microwaved you might just begin to share my experience. Friday night’s at Missoula they offer 50% off bottles of Prosecco which did help the disappointment of what was lacking with the food but I’m not sure I would hurry back to spend an evening here when I know what else is on offer in the near vicinity. 

IMG_0974 (1)

After Missoula we all piled off to Revolución de Cuba in The Theatre District. In the past couple of weeks The Theatre District in Milton Keynes has taken quite a bit of flack due to the closing down of the Wetherspoon pub The David Garrick which has been another milestone in the demise of a once thriving entertainment spot. What Rev de Cuba has done since it opened last year is given The Theatre District ten free extra lives. Once inside you forget its unfortunate situation and are wham bam in the middle of an energetic, thriving and enjoyable bar. Theatre District take note, this is what the people of MK want and deserve!


Cocktails were a must, it was my Birthday weekend. So I had fun trying the new additions to their cocktail menu. I particularly had a soft spot for the Backhanded Compliment. Santa Teresa Gran Reserva rum shaken with lychee, strawberries, vanilla, and cranberry. Absolutely delicious. Expertly made. The new take on the Pina Colada was also very tasty! And of course I was sensible and was home at a reasonable hour and was up bright eyed and bushy tailed for the following day (honest).


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Well, actually being awake at a late hour, feeling a bit delicate and extremely ravenous is more the truth. I am just not 18 anymore and I can handle that, I just wish my body could! Saturday was mostly spent conserving energy and nibbling. I couldn’t and didn’t want to indulge in too much food as my parents were throwing me a super cute Birthday tea late in the afternoon and I wanted to be all guns blazing in the stomach room department for that.

I always figure that as an adult you can go out and choose exactly what you want to eat, where from and at what time so when it’s your Birthday you should have something a bit out of the norm and what’s better than a nostalgic party food spread at your childhood house with your family around you? Plus my little one absolutely loved it. Fingers sandwiches, sausage rolls, Vol-au-vents, crisps, crudités and more. It was a lovely spread and I rolled home with a full belly and happy soul.


Then my actual BIRTHDAY!

I woke up on the dot of the time I was born thirty three years ago. Spooky? Probably. But 8:44am was a lovely lay in, just the right amount of sleep privileges without feeling like you’ve wasted your day in bed and missed your whole birthday. Little presents and cards in bed included some lovely thoughtful gifts from my family.


A new pen and notepad as I go through so many with aimless scribbles, notes, shopping lists, things to remember.

A bottle of Benefit Maybe Baby perfume. This perfume is one of my all-time favourites. I was distraught when it was discontinued by Benefit a few years ago but my amazing husband spotted its return at the Benefit counter this past Christmas season and as that bottle had just finished I was so happy to receive this replacement. If you’ve never smelt it I highly recommend you visit the Benefit counter, it’s seductive, sweet and musky. LOVE!


A giant birthday cookie from Millie’s cookie. What is more amazing for someone who loves cookies than a foot long cookie?


Where’s the Lush I hear you say? Of course there was Lush gifts! A massive box of amazingness which I will do a separate blog for soon! 

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As a family day out we packed up a picnic and went off to Bicester village and had a fun afternoon looking at shops and eating our picnic outside. I managed to find a cute Barbour shirt that I fell in love with for a snip at £34.95 in the outlet store there. YAY!


Little update before I had a chance to post this blog. When I got home I realised the staff member that served me in the Barbour store had forgotten to remove the security tag. I was of course livid as I hadn’t been planning on going back to Bicester any time soon but back I went and they were very apologetic and gave me a decent discount off the shirt and a discount off another shirt that I had been eyeing up on my previous visit. So I’m happy with the outcome but still grr! Have you ever had tags left on clothes you’ve purchased?

After shopping my parents kindly took on babysitting duties and Mr LouBou took me out to Taipan for a slap up Chinese banquet. It was my first time eating there and for sure will not be the last. I can say with certainty it’s the best Chinese restaurant I’ve eaten at in Milton Keynes for a long time. Look out for the goss when I share my thoughts and photos on it soon!

So that was my very enjoyable birthday time with my friends and family. Lots of fun, amazing gifts and fond memories made. What more could a girl ask for? 💖