Some people are aware after my post about a week ago, I am in the early stages of my second pregnancy. Then people may have also been aware from my post early this morning that perhaps things weren’t progressing as smoothly as I would have liked, having spent most of Sunday evening until the small hours at my local A&E department.

So what happened? Yesterday evening I had started bleeding. My initial reaction was that of fear and dread. I thought I was losing the pregnancy and with it our second child. After speaking with the NHS 111 service, I was told with my symptoms that I needed to attend A&E to be fully assessed. As my little boy was fast asleep, I had to call over his Grandad to babysit and then Mr LouBou and I made our way to our local hospital.

When I was there I was assessed amazingly fast. Urine test, blood pressure, pulse and temperature were all taken. Then full bloods. I had tachycardia, a temperature and markers of an infection. So far things weren’t going the way I wanted them to.

I was told that I was still pregnant from my urine sample but I had to wait for the blood results to come back which could take 90 minutes or more before they could assess my pregnancy hormone levels.

It was an agonising wait. From one minute feeling positive that the bleeding had subsided and that everything was going ok to the next feeling full of dread and fearing the worst was about to happen.

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Then the blood results were in. My hormone levels appeared normal, thank god! I had a Doctor come see me and tell me that she wanted to do a thorough internal check despite the results to make sure I wasn’t having a miscarriage.

This was definitely the worst part of the hospital visit. The Doctor explained what she was going to do to carry out the examination and told me that however the exam in itself couldn’t cause a miscarriage but she would be able to see instantly if I was in the progress of one. I had to give my permission to the Doctor to ‘clear up’ my uterus to prevent further risk of complication if she saw a miscarriage happening.

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I was in a sad, uncomfortable haze during the examination until she said the words, that although she could see blood there was no signs of a miscarriage occurring. Of course I was elated by this point but of course concerned about the bleeding that had happened.

No miscarriage though! The best news possible was confirmed. I was then told by the Doctor that bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy can happen completely harmlessly in 10% of cases. Scary, yes! Normal? We’ll see.

In my first pregnancy, I suffered placenta previa which ended with me having a planned c section as the risks of uncontrollable bleeding and placenta complications during a natural birth were just not what my consultant or I wanted to take. So of course having bleeding early on in a second pregnancy got my mind racing and jumping to a dozen conclusions.

After the Doctor had spoken to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department, it was decided to not admit me and let me go home to my own bed as long as I attended two further appointments this week to ensure things are progressing smoothly from this point. One appointment tomorrow to recheck my bloods and pregnancy hormone levels and then one on Thursday for an early pregnancy scan.

So for now all is okay. Fingers crossed this week brings confirmation of good news and a healthy pregnancy. For now all is okay (check out my corking blood test war-wound).