So I thought I’d update you with what’s been happening with my pregnancy since my last post. Last thing I shared was right after I had spent the evening in A&E after bleeding began with me being about 6 weeks pregnant. All tests came back that I was still pregnant and after a physical examination the Doctor assured me that they could not see a miscarriage happening. I still needed a scan and further blood tests at the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit but left A&E with two different follow up appointments.

The A&E visit had happened on the Bank Holiday Sunday and when I woke up on Tuesday, the EPAU at Milton Keynes General Hospital were on the phone asking me to come in that morning for a scan. My first thought was “Argh! Why are they calling me in earlier than my prearranged appointment?” which slowly turned to relief that I would be having a scan and hopefully answers and confirmations that the pregnancy was progressing normally sooner rather than later.

I collected Mr LouBou from work and made our way to MKGH (thanks to fab Grandparents who took our little boy for us). Once arrived and settled we saw a midwife who took all my details, like general health, my pregnancy dates and background on my first pregnancy. I then went back to the waiting room and drank lots of water until I was called into the Ultrasound room. I had forgotten how much water you have to drink before a scan and it brought back a lot of memories of my first pregnancy.

I didn’t realise until I was laying on the couch with the ultrasound on my tummy how scared I actually was and how much this was all affecting me. The midwife took a long time looking around and had to keep reassuring and apologising that she had to be thorough before she could conclude anything. I couldn’t see the screen and even if I had, I am sure I wouldn’t know what to look for at this early stage.

Anyway, after the agonisingly long scan (that resulted in having to turn into an internal ultrasound) we had results. I think the way the midwife tried to explain to them to us was that it wasn’t positive and it wasn’t negative, they were just results.

FullSizeRender (68)

My ultrasound showing gestational sac and yolk (circa 6 weeks pregnant)

In the scan they found a gestational sac and yolk but they couldn’t find the foetal pole or it could’ve been that they just couldn’t see it or it was too early in the pregnancy to see it. Bearing in mind that at this stage of pregnancy, things change so fast and in a matter of days things can look a lot different than what they do today.

So the midwife explained that another scan in two weeks was necessary to ensure the baby was found and developing the way it should be. So the scan news was neither good nor bad, just lots of patience required for the following two weeks with hope for concrete good news at the end of it.

Less than twenty four hours after the scan I started to bleed again. Again the surge of upset and stressed feelings was instant. I was kicking myself and trying to find a reason for it when there was none. The hospital assured me that as it started and stopped again soon after, that there was nothing to do but wait and be calm, the scan is just around the corner.

I then went seven whole days with no incidents. Fantastic. I finally started to relax a little and thought that was the end of that. Then today the bleeding started again, first when I woke up and again tonight. There’s still no reason to think the worst and I have been told from the EPAU midwives to take it easy and hang tight for the scan on Monday, but seriously Monday cannot come fast enough for me now.

So that’s where I am today. I may only be approaching 8 weeks (ish who knows for sure yet) into a pregnancy but already it’s filling me with enough drama to make the Eastenders writers jealous. I hope for Monday to come quickly and for good news to be shared. I really do hope.