First of all, I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all the people who have sent me messages over these past few weeks. It might not have seemed much but having people to talk and share experiences with really helped me through this emotional and very worrying time. You are all amazing, thank you. Now onto the blog. 

This is just a quick update with what happened on Monday when I had a viability scan to see if our pregnancy was progressing normally.


I drank lots and lots of water and was a bag of nerves sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called in for the scan BUT…

…Great news! We had a heartbeat and we saw on the screen our very own little jumping jelly bean with their heart beating away. It was such a beautiful moment and all the stress and worry over the past couple of weeks felt worth it.

The sonographer conducted some measurements and with that we had an adjusted due date given. Our baby’s official due date is 1st January 2017. New Year’s Day. Cripes!

Adjacent to the gestational sac, the sonographer did find a large haematoma which would explain the root of the bleeding. The midwife I spoke to after the scan explained that this could rectify itself on its own but whether it will and what will happen in the meantime can’t be guaranteed.

On Tuesday I had my routine midwife ‘booking’ appointment and was told the best route for us is to be referred to a consultant at the hospital and will be under consultant care for the foreseeable of this pregnancy.


If you’re curious about what happens in a ‘normal’ pregnancy, this booking appointment (usually at your GP’s surgery) is the first pregnancy appointment you will have. You get to meet the midwife who should remain your midwife for the entire pregnancy. You have to help your midwife fill out a huge pregnancy booklet that will be your ‘pregnancy notes’. This booklet is SO important, it needs to go with you to all appointments and stay with you when you go into labour. I remember mine from our previous pregnancy and after 9 months it does end up looking at bit dog eared and worn, but it does the job.


Inside it has detailed medical history questions including about your own health and that of close family. They are keen to know if there’s any known illnesses in your immediate family or any operations, medications or therapies you may have had, or are currently undertaking.


The midwife also takes some blood. This is the first time of many times during your pregnancy where you will be having tests of various types. Blood, urine, maybe even gestational diabetes tests or vaccinations. If you have a phobia of needles now is the time to face it head on. I promise you by the end of the nine months you will just shrug and give your arm when your midwife says “I need to take some bloods”.

The next time I see my midwife will be when I’m 16 weeks pregnant. Before that will be the 12 week routine ultrasound scan. I really can’t wait for it and the chance to see our little jumping bean again (although they will be so, so much bigger by then).

So, finally some good news and I can feel relieved that an experienced consultant will now look after us.  I still feel fragile and have some concerns but I’m doing my best to stay positive and looking forward to the future being a Mum of two.  


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