Mmm my first #MKBloggersBrunch

When you’re a blogger in cyberspace it can feel like you’re speaking into a dark and lonely void. You bore your friends and annoy your eating companions with your instagramming ways. 

So for a local blogger (Sophie’s Suitcase) to arrange a bloggers brunch in MK for local bloggers was an absolute gem of an idea. The chance to meet fellow local bloggers, some of them who I enjoy reading their blogs or have heard of them through the grapevine and the chance to socialise with people who just understand why we enjoy blogging – throw in a brunch and refreshments and it’s like Christmas. 

This morning, all fourteen of us descended into the village of Salford to The Swan for an early brunch. 

A private room is set up for us all with coffee, tea and fruit juices for us to help ourselves to whilst we introduce ourselves and generally enjoy a girlie chitchat with everyone. 


There is a goodie bag at each of our seats! Full of fab money off vouchers, samples and the cutest stationary/craft bits donated from one of the attendees (Emma @ Lethbridge Cards). Look at these custom bits with #MKBloggersBrunch on them – Amazing!



The Swan do not serve food in the mornings so it’s not somewhere I’ve been for breakfast before. A little digging does uncover that they’ve offered breakfasts/brunches for special occasions in the past (Father’s Day 2015 – I think) and something I’ll definitely look out for in the future as I do like it there.


I ordered the Eggs Royal. Two poached eggs, smoked salmon on toast with hollandaise sauce. 


YUMMY! I totally demolished every morsel. Hats off to the chef for preparing circa 28 poached eggs in one go and serving them to a single party AND they were nicely cooked with perfect runny middles. 


It was really lovely to meet some new faces and discover more amazing local bloggers. I am already looking forward to seeing the girls again in the very near future. 



Well that was a lovely start to the weekend. I hope you’ve all enjoyed yours too.