A shopping spree, one unicorn and New Years in September

When I was young there was nothing more exciting than preparing for the new school year every summer. A new pencil case, new shiny pens to put inside it and fresh notepads with no graffiti or scribbles in sight.

school stationary.jpg

Now I’m an adult, the focus is more on the New Year celebrations BUT it’s harder to turn over a new leaf and get lots of new things when you’re only a week past Christmas. Money is usually sparse and morale is low for the dark month of January.


So why not keep the bonus fresh start that existed as a child anticipating a new beginning every September? It’s sunny outside, we have lots more energy and we aren’t paying off hundreds of gifts to relatives we barely see.


But I have no need for a new pencil case these days. At the ripe old age of 33, I have more free pens than I can seem to use up and I still don’t have use for a compass (what was the point in that?). I’m currently pregnant and with my size is changing, clothes shopping is a chore for me. So what then?

Ooh I tell you what I do love buying new things for. My house. A late summer update if you will. To refresh the home ready for my favourite months of the year that span Autumn and Winter (Halloween & Christmas!).

Payday was the day. MK1 was the destination. It’s just the right mesh of shops for mooching around without being too daunting in my pregnant state. (Check out http://www.mk1shoppingpark.co.uk/ if you want to explore for yourself).


Stores at MK1:
New Look
River Island

Parking is FREE and on the Wednesday that I visited it was in abundance. A great start as parking locally for shopping can be as much as £2 per hour, I resent anything that eats into my shopping budget.

First to hit was Primark. Upstairs there is a small but well stocked home department. In true Primark style you can pick up 100% cotton bath towels, various outrageous bedding sets and enough candles and trinkets to sink a five bed house all at unbelievable prices.



I couldn’t resist buying this ridiculous unicorn trinket/jewellery plate for £4. Isn’t it just obscenely cute?


These two wall hangers which are extremely pretty and cost £1 for the white heart with cut outs and £1.50 for the duck egg pineapple.

FullSizeRender (80).jpgFullSizeRender (79).jpg

A Harry Potter Mug which reads “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” for £2.50.

FullSizeRender (78)

Two scented candles. One in a glass jar with a zesty lemon scent for £3 and one mini candle in a tin that’s scented with pineapple and ginger for £2.

FullSizeRender (82)

FullSizeRender (83).jpg

A useful black pop-up storage bin for only £2.80. You can never have enough storage.

FullSizeRender (84).jpg

Next up, literally, was Next.


Upstairs at the back of the store is their home department. I am not afraid to admit I love Next. They are always to be relied upon for pretty home pieces and my home is already full of many of them. After Primark had reignited my love of scented candles. Next just fuelled it further.


I purchased the most gorgeous smelling rhubarb and white freesia candle in a glass container that is decorated with pretty green floral design for £6.



And I couldn’t resist this glass monogram candle with an L for LouBou. It’s scented with white jasmine and looks straight out of a designer catalogue. This came home with me for £4.

FullSizeRender (81).jpg

Last shop at MK1 that I knew would be great to look for things to spruce the house ready for my fresh new start September is M&S.


Before I hit the home department, I scampered through it hungry and thirsty and looking for some nourishment. Found the M&S café and was instantly ordering their no-fuss-no-pre-ordering-necessary-afternoon tea that I first discovered here a few weeks ago.


Major yam times followed and then feeling energised and ready to go again, I started mooching around the upstairs home department.

M&S home department at MK1 is big. Really spaciously laid out with great room style layouts to give you maximum inspiration.



I was really tempted by this swan embroidered cushion (£25) for my bedroom but worried it might clash with my beloved M&S blue and duck egg bedding that I am not ready to part with yet. One of a few things I might have to do more research and hit the shops again to purchase!


I did however fall in love and purchase this big mantel clock that’s designed to look like a fob watch. It’s so fun and really pretty to look at. It was £25 and worth every penny. I had been meaning to get a clock for my living room for a long time (sick of relying on my mobile phone or TV to know what time it is!).


And finally who could forget the biggest inspo in my life. My little boy. I couldn’t go on a shopping spree without getting him something.

One of my fave things from M&S is Percy Pigs and this gorgeous melamine plate £3.50, bowl £3.50 and beaker £3 are just perfect for him. LOOK HOW CUTE!

FullSizeRender (85).jpg

So a really successful and fruitful shopping trip. There’s a good selection of home items available at MK1 even some of the shops I didn’t mention like New Look had a cute homeware display, check it out below.



I really recommend MK1 shopping with a great selection of shops and now proven to cater for not only fashion but my homeware needs too. Now my wallet and I need some sleep. Zzz.


Date of visit: 31.08.16
MK1 Shopping & Leisure Park
Stadium Way
Milton Keynes