Taco Shack


Taco Shack is a street food company that is fairly new to Milton Keynes. They started trading in May 2016 and have been busy keeping locals satisfied with their take on fresh Mexican street food since.

The brainchild of business partners Robin and Charlie, both chefs who together are using their thirty years of industry experience to showcase fresh, vibrant and healthy Mexican food that can be enjoyed with minimum fuss.

I had been meaning to try them for ages, and finally last Friday night I had waited long enough. I text Mr LouBou and said “We are having Mexican tonight” he didn’t need any convincing. Mexican along with Thai is probably his favourite food of choice but sadly I’m just not confident enough with Mexican food in my own kitchen at home for him to enjoy on a regular basis.

So, cue Taco Shack. Feed us! 


They pitch up in various locations throughout the week in Milton Keynes (you can check their Facebook page for their weekly announcements of where they are) but on Fridays they are in Wolverton just outside the Agora carpark by the bus stop (Church Street).


The menu is concise and lacks fuss. Your choice of burrito, tacos or nachos to begin with. Then you decide what you want as the filling/topping between beef chilli, chilli-lime chicken, el pastor (pork) and green chilli (vegetarian). As it was our first time to try, we just had to get a variety.

We ordered one portion of tacos (£5). One chilli-lime chicken (self-explanatory) and one el pastor which is pork and fresh pineapple in Mexican spices.  


These cute 6” soft corn tacos were topped with lettuce, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and grated cheese. Both the chicken and pork were packed full of spice and flavour. Tasting so fresh they put fast food Mexican eateries like Taco Bell to shame.


If I had to choose a favourite I’d probably say the chicken, but then I’d probably say the same about any varieties of chicken vs. pork.


One beef chilli burrito (£6) and one chilli-lime chicken burrito (£6). These are made with 12” wheat flour tortilla wraps and stuffed with Mexican rice, refried beans, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, guacamole and grated cheese.


I cut these in half to show just how stuffed these burritos are. Look at how well filled they are!



They were both very tasty and huge eats for the price. Both flavours pack a punch and that’s with no added sauce to them (see sauce paragraph below). Please note if you are a heat lover these guys cook straight into your heart.

When you order at Taco Shack you can have a choice of ‘heat level’ courtesy of five difference sauces numbered from 1-5. 1 being mild all the way up to 5 which is described as ‘forget about it’. I was lucky enough to be able to take a sample of each five sauces to taste, although I did not try number 5! Mr LouBou being the heat lover between us tried number 5 and he sure did feel it. Phew!


Beef chilli nachos (£5) were the last thing we ordered. These were served with jalapeno nachos cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos.


These were AMAZING. The tortilla chips which are freshly hand cooked on the day and are the best tortilla chips I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. The beef chilli on top is one of the nicest chilli’s I’ve ever tasted in this country. Nacho cheese and the rest of the toppings were good, jalapenos on top were fresh, not out of a tin or jar.

I think I can safely say that beef chilli nachos are going to be a part of my future orders, always.

For the half pint we ordered Taco Shack’s new kids offering. A box filled with a child size portion of rice, beef chilli, grated cheese and a pot of sour cream (£3.50). The toddler had a good go at it and shared our nachos and burritos. Definitely an adventurous eater!


To finish I couldn’t resist the churros (a Spanish type of doughnut) which are tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with a pot of chocolate sauce for dipping (£3 for three).


I’ve eaten churros many times and more times than not they can disappoint for being too chewy or too strong with cinnamon and sugar. Robin informed me their addition of a touch of salt was their secret. This made for a really well balanced churro that was a pleasure to eat, warm from the bag and who is going to complain about choc sauce to dip them in?! Delicious. 

All in all, a huge thumbs up for Taco Shack. I can’t believe I waited four months to try them but now I have, I am sure to be back for more (and more).

Street food, high quality fast food and independent chefs are really prominent in Milton Keynes and in particular, Wolverton in recent times. This is exactly what MK was lacking and it seems our prayers are finally being answered.

Please put down the Old El Paso and venture out to try Robin and Charlie’s take on Mexican street food. If you love Mexican, you won’t be disappointed.

Date of visit: 09.09.16
Taco Shack
Church Street (Outside Agora)
Milton Keynes
Robin: 07802 839 421
Charlie: 07826 805 761