Rain day + lazy sofa cuddles with my toddler + insane pregnancy appetite = refusing to budge and ordering food in for dinner

…Hey! It is Friday.. give a girl a break. 

I’ve heard of Deliveroo for a while now. They offer food delivery to your door from big name restaurants in your local area who ordinarily are not in a position to offer home delivery.

Deliveroo have been asking me for a while if I’d mind giving them feedback on their service. So, after the laziest day that ever existed, it seemed the perfect time to call on them. 

After putting in my postcode onto their website 20 restaurants came up as being able to deliver to my home. Including Nando’s, Jamie’s Italian, YO! Sushi, Giraffe, Bella Italia, ASK Italian, wagamama, Byron, Banana Tree and many more. 

All of the restaurant results showed a time next to them ranging from 25 minutes (Nando’s) to 60 minutes (Las Iguanas). 


So quickest to deliver and probably one of my fondest chain restaurants was Nando’s at a 25 minute wait time. Considering it would take me longer than that to get ready and sat in the local Nando’s with food in front of me, I thought 25 minutes was a pretty good delivery time. 

I started to input my order.

Starters of Homous with PERi-PERi Drizzle and a portion of Spicy Mixed Olives. Main of Chicken Butterfly (which is my usual main of choice as it’s so easy to share with my toddler). Side of Grilled Halloumi Cheese (nom). Finally, dessert of Naughty Natas, something I’ve always wanted to try from Nando’s. 

FullSizeRender (97).jpg

It was so easy to choose to navigate the Deliveroo website for the order. From what marinade I wanted (Peri-tamer) to selecting my sides (chips and coleslaw). Inputting my delivery details. I highly commend them on creating such a slick website from a users point of view. 


Prices for Nando’s food are identical to the official Nando’s website. So no mark ups from Deliveroo to make money that way. The only thing that was included with no option to cancel was a £2.50 Roo Charge. That’s it. No other fees or hidden delivery charges. Super impressive! 

Only thing the deliveroo website is crying out for on checkout is a ‘add information to your order’ section. As there was nowhere I could see to request the takeaway free pots of Nando’s sauce (standard with a takeaway) so I went without. Boo.

Order submitted, then all I had to do was lie on the sofa and wait for the doorbell to ring. Bliss. 


Nearly exactly 25 minutes later, there was a knock at the door. An extremely chirpy gentleman delivery guy holding a sealed food bag which he unzipped and handed me my food in the standard Nando’s paper takeaway bags. 


The food was all like you’d expect a Nando’s takeaway to be packaged if you had gone into store to collect a takeaway. All little card boxes and bags. 

Temperature of food was not bad at all! I must admit I was half expecting it to all be cold due to the travelling time but even the chips were hot. I guess I am not too far from my local branch of Nando’s at Xscape, CMK but if I had to try and park up, walk into Nando’s, get food, walk back to car, drive home, I know the food I arrived home with would’ve been cold. 

Food scoffed. Happy bellies. Would I use Deliveroo again? In a heartbeat. If you want to order Nando’s to your door use this link

Fast, well-priced and easy to use. 

Date of food delivery: 16.09.16