Lush Creative Showcase 2016

When I received an email from Kelly at Lush HQ with an invitation to the Lush Creative Showcase, I was absolutely flabbergasted. How could I refuse!?

With me being pregnant it took a little convincing for my husband but convince I did (MWAH) and off we went to London for two days.

…Two days that actually ended up being the two hottest in the entire month of September that London has seen for decades, PHEW! But anyway…


It took place at Tobacco Dock on Wapping Lane in London.



When we first arrived, there was the usual booking in and getting an event wristband.



I was so chuffed to hear that I was on Lush’s PR list, such an honour that I do not take for granted. I am not an exclusive Lush blogger, I’m just me, and for such an invitation actually makes me emotional because Lush is not only the creator of my most favourite beauty products on the planet, they are an inspirational and caring company. Someone you just want to be friends with. MAJOR LOVE.

FullSizeRender (91).jpg

I downloaded the Lush Connect App which had maps and a schedule for the whole two days showing what was on and where to find it. This was a great idea for an event of this size and made organising my time there a breeze. Have a little sneak peek at it below:


Straight away I noticed The Lush Christmas Light Switch-On in the schedule and knew that was not to be missed. So I hauled ass to the Christmas Market on the map and joined the huge growing queue outside it. The windows were all blacked out and you couldn’t see what was inside, but we could all guess! 

Suddenly a huge array of Christmas and Halloween characters turned up accompanied with lots of music. There was Ms. Santa Claus, Snow White, dinosaurs, ghosts and someone I swore was dressed as David Bowie to name a few! 


Then the black curtains fell away from the windows of the Christmas Market. Christmas songs started playing and we could go in! It was the most amazing Lush Christmas (and Halloween) shop inside.


It was even SNOWING! Despite temperatures hitting 33 degrees (felt hotter than that indoors) snow was falling as we entered the Christmas Market. It felt magical. 

Inside was every Lushie’s dream Christmas shop and we were allowed to be the first to shop the entire winter 2016 range!

Old favourites like Snow Fairy were there with fresh reinforcements in the shape of Snow Fairy scented FUN and Snow Fairy Body Conditioner! 




Then there was these amazing soaps.

And there was so many amazing bath products too in the forms of bath bombs and bubble bars as well as bags and knot wraps, mountains of gift sets and of course, fab Halloween products.


Leaving behind the Christmas Market was hard but it was necessary when there was SO much more to see at the event.

One of the most amazing things to see was Lush Kitchen Live. 


To big fan Lushie’s like me it was amazing to see the stars of Lush Kitchen up close! Embarrassing but true! It was also great fun to watch as they made product after product in front of us all. 


 A quick lunch stop courtesy of the food stalls out on the main concourse. All the food provided was at the least vegetarian and most of it was vegan. I had the most gorgeous vegan falafel burger with mango and rocket salad and beetroot quinoa. 


This was actually my first ever vegan meal and it was delicious. I’d happily eat it again and again. Another reason why Lush never disappoint and are always full of surprises. 

Food finished it was back to exploring the showcase. There was a huge room dedicated to Lush makeup, yes MAKEUP! So much makeup. All available to buy.

The most amazing product in the makeup room for me was the Lush Creative Showcase exclusive scented nail vanishes. 

They came in three colours each with their own unique scent. They were stunning! 


These are not finished products, they were hot from the Lush product developers and were purely there as a sneak peek and for feedback. Back to the labs they go with that feedback and maybe (hopefully) we will see them in stores soon (but no guarantees). 


Then there was the place with the biggest queues I’ve ever seen. The Exclusively Lush pop up shop was a treasure trove of… you guessed it, exclusive products! 

There was Oxford Street Exclusives, Kitchen Exclusives and even Lush Creative Showcase Exclusives. 



Like these giant Nebula bath bombs which were HUGE (imagine a well sized melon and you’ll be close to understanding the size of them). 


There was also a room dedicated to Lush’s dental products which includes the newly released mouthwash tabs and the familiar toothy tabs. This room was particularly fun because there was VR (virtual reality) headsets that we were allowed to try. 

When you put them on it felt/looked like you were hovering over planet earth and you could look down to the planet below or look around into space! Fun but made me dizzy! 

The largest event space at Lush Creative Showcase was dedicated to the Lush Stage. 

This large room was filled with bean bag seats and recyclable cardboard box seats that might look strange but were actually really comfy to sit in! Here I saw some amazing Lush speeches, inspiring Lush guests giving talks and some really informative and moving short films. 



Then not forgetting the spaces dedicated to bath demos, Gorilla perfumes, literature, a walk-through forest with trees that you could sniff (they smelt amazing), a room dedicated to Lush hair products, Lush Spa Experience and even a pub! 


Where the bath demos were was called ‘Where The Magic Happens’ and it’s where I was lucky enough to be given a sample of the Ectoplasm Shower Floss that I had seen being made in Lush Kitchen Live earlier in the day. It smelt of pure candy (my favourite sort of smells). 


Swag purchased (you’ll have to wait for my Lush haul blog to see what I got) it was time to wave goodbye to the Lush Creative Showcase 2016 and start making my way home. It was such an amazing couple of days jam packed with Lush and I was so chuffed to have been invited. 

I’m already excited for 2017 and have my fingers crossed it’s not quite so hot! 

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