Error 404: Not ANOTHER Lush Post

I wanted to keep this post separate from my main blog on the Lush Creative Showcase last week because it has an altogether different tone.

Aside from the celebrations of Halloween and Christmas product launches and all the fun and merriment that the showcase provided me, it also educated me too.

Lush were there as always, to spread awareness on things we might not know anything about, things that are happening around the world right now. 

In a dark room, the Error 404 event space was something I was not expecting. 

FullSizeRender (100).jpg

I have heard of the Lush Error 404 bath bomb before, an exclusive or should I say elusive product that I’ve yet to get my hands on and was expecting the room to be dedicated to that. It was, but not only that.

Let’s start at the beginning. Human rights. What we believe as humans all of us are entitled to. As times have changed and the world has progressed and we are treading on the path to the future, these human rights have had to change considerably. 

The internet, especially to a lot of younger people is something that’s always been there. It’s something we live our lives by, whether it be for communication, education, business or purely entertainment. 

Since the internet started back in 1991, it’s made all of us who are fortunate enough to be able to access it, to feel like we have the world at our fingertips. 

Instant communications for one, is something that I find invaluable and can’t imagine not having anymore but, what if that was the case?

Charity group Access Now were inside the Error 404 room at the showcase. A charity I’d never heard of before. Their message: We have a human right to the internet.

You might think that sounds ridiculous. There’s a million more important human rights that are being violated around the world as we speak but go with me on this…

I never imagined that the internet could just be switched off in a heartbeat and that a country’s government could hold the control button. 

In the UK, thankfully we’ve never had to experience an internet shutdown. Yet, at least.

But in the first 6 months of 2016 alone there has been 20 documented internet shutdowns in countries you might be surprised to hear about. Including India, Turkey, Vietnam, Brazil, Uganda and many more. That’s more shutdowns that were recorded in 2015 and so on. Is the number going to be rising each year?

Why is this a problem?

Access Now are the voices that are speaking for the nations already affected and the nations that could be affected in the future. Our internet is our human right

Is it right that a government is able to turn off a country’s internet with the flick of a switch on a presidential election day or during a military coup for example? Stopping communications between citizens and holding them in silence from the world. How can that be just?

Can you imagine that happening to you?

It’s not just as simple as not being able to go on Facebook. Imagine your country’s financial businesses being damaged, money being lost and your fellow citizens being damaged by forced censorship. 

You might think that could never happen to us, but even the US government holds the power to switch off the internet for the entire USA in seconds. 


Access Now’s campaign for #KeepItOn is trying to raise as much awareness, defending our basic human right to internet access for people around the world. 

How is this connected to Lush?

Lush have long had a bath bomb named Error 404 (term for an internet error, traditionally displayed on an internet page when it wouldn’t load).

This year for 2016 they are releasing the Error 404 bath bomb for the first time in every store and online. No catches, no trick webpages to find. They are giving everyone the chance to buy one without gimmick.

The money raised by the Error 404 bath bomb will be going straight to fighting the unjust internet shutdowns around the world. 

So on Black Friday 2016 haul ass to your local Lush store and get your hands on one of these.



Lush like to use the phrase bathing is fundamental. If this is the case, then use the Error 404 bath bomb and prove not just that but also, the internet is fundamental

Being released globally on 25th November 2016 (Black Friday)

Further reading on #KeepItOn available on Lush’s website and of course Access Now