Lush Twilight & Butterball Bath Bombs

Tonight’s Lush bath is using the products I mentioned in my previous blog.

Twilight and Butterball bath bombs!


The Twilight bath bomb went in first. It is a long fizzer taking a good five minutes or more to dissolve. That length of time means it puts on the most beautiful display as it fizzes away in your bath water and is hypnotic to watch. 


It needs saying that although the Twilight bath bomb is made with lavender and ylang ylang essential oils and tonka absolute, it doesn’t smell like anything you might’ve gifted your nan as a drawer liner when you was a kid.


It’s delicate, and as much as it is floral, it’s not overpowering and really quite moreish. 


When it’d finished it’s beautiful display of pinks, whites and blues it left the bath water the most gorgeous shade of purple. 


Then it was the Butterball bath bombs time to fizz. 


The Butterball bath bomb is also packed with ylang ylang oils and lots of pieces of cocoa butter that you can literally watch melting away into your bath as it fizzes. 


What it lacks in the scent department (it’s quite a plain jane by Lush standards) it certainly makes up for in abundance with how deeply nourishing it is. The Butterball is the perfect name for it because I swear you feel buttery after you’ve used it!


It’s a shorter fizzer than the Twilight but don’t forget it is a lot smaller in size too. 


After my soak, I felt so relaxed and my skin felt so, so moisturised. It’s definitely the most tranquil bathing experience I’ve had yet from Lush. Cheesy but true but it literally melted away my aches and stresses like butter itself. And at six months pregnant I have a lot of them!


When I got out the bath the sun was nearly set and as I glanced out the window I saw the sky was mimicking my bath. How beautifully poetic is that?

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb: £3.75
Lush Butterball Bath Bomb: £2.75