Hub by Premier Inn Spitalfields Brick Lane, London

When the Lush Creative Showcase invitation hit my inbox I knew I needed accommodation in London.

I needed a place to stay that was going to be good value but also not too basic as I am well known as a bit of a princess and get scared at the thought of roughing it too much.

I spent ages trawling the internet on various comparison sites and was nearing the point of tearing my hair out at rejecting yet another shared hostel room masquerading under the hotel results and grand hotels that were going to cost a month’s wages for a single night.

Come on London there must be somewhere that is appeasing!

Then it struck me to check some of the main hotel brands that you see advertised on the TV.

Premier Inn was the first one I tackled, but as expected all the Premier Inn hotels local to where I was going were fully booked. The Premier Inn website did advertise a room available at something called hub by Premier Inn Spitalfields situated on Brick Lane which was quite near to where I needed to be.

A quick google search confirmed I wasn’t being duped or conned into some weird third party hotel. It was a new arm of Premier Inn hotels which they advertise as offering cosy, compact rooms in the heart of cities.

Prices were reasonable, especially when compared to other local hotels, so I thought “what’s the worst that could happen?” And hit the book button.


On the day of arrival the temperature was hitting 33 degrees in London. Actually the hottest September day that has been seen in the capital for many decades, so when I walked into the foyer and was greeted by the cooling air-con and fresh smell of the hotel I was feeling a happy girl that this hotel wasn’t going to disappoint.


The foyer was extremely modern and had electronic stations for checking in.



Beyond the reception foyer was a good sized seating area and the Deli + Bar by Proven Dough. A cafe where there is an assortment of food and drink items available from breakfast through to dinner.



There is a station set up next to the Deli + Bar where hotel guests can help themselves to free tea and coffee 24/7. What a great guest perk!


I had quite a hunger on so couldn’t resist trying the bacon sandwich and porridge from the Deli  + Bar.


The bacon sandwich was okay. Made on artisan bread and the bacon grilled behind the counter, so you know it’s fresh. But I must admit it doesn’t beat a traditional soft, doughy, white bread bacon sandwich that you’d find in run-of-the-mill cafes.


Porridge and honey was tasty but the pot was HUGE. Definitely suited to those with a big appetite and a good value stomach filler if porridge is your bag.

At the seated bar area in front of the Deli + Bar is phone charging stations built into the table. So convenient! You can see the charging station just poking out in the back of the photo below.


I had arrived much earlier than when check-in starts from and as I had an event to go off to, so I spoke to an employee who very happily took my bags and stored them securely in the luggage room until I was due to return later. They gave me a bag receipt and wished me an enjoyable day.

When I returned check-in was super fast. Key cards given and bags were collected and I was going upstairs in the lift pronto.


When I first walked in, my first thoughts were that this hotel room was small, but looked spotless and so modern.


Like when you walk through an IKEA studio room set up in store where everything fits in, has a purpose and is perfectly organised for ease of use. Except this was so much more futuristic and clean-looking than anything I’ve ever seen in IKEA.

A bottle of complimentary water is provided per guest and there’s a wall mounted bottle opener which I thought was pretty genius. Everyone always forgets to pack a bottle opener!

This is not a room for tons of floor space but there’s enough room to store your suitcase, hang up some clothes, have a seat and enjoy the natural light that flooded in from the numerous windows.



Fab views were provided from the room I was in (315) which offered views down the infamous Brick Lane itself.



Don’t worry about privacy thought, all those windows have pull down blinds.


A huge 40 inch smart television was wall mounted on the wall at the foot of the bed. It even had a personalised welcome message on it, lots of digital channels, catch up TV amongst other services.


Free wifi is available in every part of the hotel. It was extremely easy to connect to and was a great speed, fine for streaming and working online.


I can be a real snob when it comes to judging a comfortable bed but I’m allowed to be, I am six months pregnant! Part of the reason I trusted the Premier Inn brand is the Hypnos beds that they use in their hotels including these new hub by Premier Inn hotels. They are very comfortable. It’s only a double size but it’s absolutely fine for my needs.

I loved the artwork above the bed which was a take on a modern map showing the districts of London.


What was great and very modern about the bed was the amount of power sockets there were around it. So no problem lying in any position in the bed and being able to charge your phone or tablet etc for use. Very clever.


At the head of the bed instead of an old fashioned traditional padded headboard was a control panel where you could control most things in the entire room. Including temperature, air-con, lighting (various levels) and whether you wanted a Do Not Disturb to be displayed on the outside of your room.

It felt like a space station bed! I loved it.


Underneath the bed was a clever storage rack, perfect for storing your luggage. All space in this room was cleverly thought out and used to its advantage.



The shower room was partitioned off from the main hotel room behind glass walls with just the right level of privacy to the glass.

Because of the glass walls, it was well lit and not one of those dark, windowless bathrooms that you commonly find in most hotels.

Definitely the most brightest and cleanest hotel shower room I’ve ever seen.


Everything you needed was provided. Towels, liquid soap, shower gel, toilet roll and bathroom bin.


Two different sorts of shower were in the cubicle too. Waterfall shower and traditional wall shower. I loved the choice!


Water pressure wasn’t out of this world but it was fine! With the level of cleanliness and features of the room you have to keep telling yourself this isn’t a five star hotel and if it was it would be priced way out of my budget. For the money everything was surpassing expectations and that’s pretty rare these days!


When you book online you are offered to add a breakfast box to your reservation for the price of £7.95 per person.

The price is the same whether you prepay or not, so it’s completely your choice if it’s something you require.

In the morning you just give your room number downstairs at the Proven Dough Deli + Bar and they offer you a choice of breakfast boxes.


I choose the Good Start breakfast box and selected the yogurt fruit bot with granola, fresh orange juice and a brew tea.


Just the right kind of breakfast that was easy and quick to eat as I had places to go. It is London after all and you don’t tend to head into the capital to take it easy!

Overall I really recommend hub By Premier Inn hotels after my stay at Spitalfields on Brick Lane, London. They are relatively new so I hope the standards and facilities continue at this high standard for the future.

I will definitely be back. Perhaps next time I’ll try one of their other London hotels at Covent Garden or Tower Bridge.

Date of stay: 13-14 September 2016
1 night stay was £153.00
Prices correct as of dates above
hub by Premier Inn Spitalfields
86 Brick Lane
E1 6RL
0871 527 9588
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