The AW16 #SelfieFashion Event at MK1 Shopping

#SelfieFashion is a real thing!

If you were anywhere near MK1 Shopping park last week you might’ve wondered what was going on with the flash mobs that kept popping up on the main concourse.

It was the MK1 Selfie Fashion Event showcasing some of the hottest outfits available at MK1 Shopping Park for autumn/winter 2016/2017. I can’t wait to show you some of my favourite outfits from the #SelfieFashion event but first, let me take a (mirror) selfie.


“Does my baby bump look big in this?!”

I can totally see why it’s a fab theme for a fashion event. Whether you love or hate the selfie, they are here and they aren’t going anywhere! For me they can be so useful, if I’m unsure of an outfit or makeup I can quickly send it to my other half or friends for their opinion. Or a way of sharing what my son and I have been doing, ready to share with friends and family. So, yeah selfies are good!


First show contains outfits all available now from Outfit at MK1 Shopping Park



All the outfits were styled by Emma @ Stylissimo and I have to say she has done an amazing job of styling all these looks for the event. 

I fell in love with this outfit from Miss Selfridge
It’s so CUTE!



You can find Miss Selfridge in the back of the Outfit store at MK1


Floral Wrap Belted Dress – Miss Selfridge – £42.00

This was styled with a pink bodysuit underneath. I LOVED this idea. Wrap dresses are so flattering, especially if you’re curvy like me but sometimes the top of the wrap gapes at the bust area and you can feel self conscious that you are baring all. A simple pink bodysuit under this dress brings out the floral design and helps keep your modesty intact!


Pink Bodysuit – Miss Selfridge – £12.00

This was finished by the hottest trending choker that has graced fashion since the 90’s, the wrap choker! Apparently Miss Selfridge keep selling out of these beauties at MK1 but last I checked they have them back in, so skip to it if you want one! 


Bow Wrap Choker – Miss Selfridge – £8.50

The second fashion mob show was showcasing outfits available from Primark MK1


My favourite outfit from this show is one I could happily wear every day



Wine PVC Mini Skirt – Primark – £8.00

This outfit is brought alive by this wine coloured matt PVC mini skirt. A skirt that you may pick up in a shop and automatically assume is for going out, has been styled to create a an autumn look that exudes chilled out day wear whilst showing you mean serious fashion business. 


Black & White Check Shirt – Primark – £6.00

This plaid flannel style shirt is super soft, bang on trend and an almighty steal at just £6.00. It’s a capsule piece that you will be able to wear with so many outfits this autumn and winter. 


Black Turtleneck Ribbed Top – Primark – £6.00

Peeking out from underneath the plaid shirt is this simple, black turtleneck ribbed top but any black top would work underneath!


Plaid Scarf – Primark – £4.00

The outfit was finished with this £4.00 large plaid scarf which adds another pop of colour with the red stripes. 

The whole outfit is extremely good value but it’s Primark, so you already knew that. But no matter the price, they are all pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways and a great investment pieces for the upcoming colder months. 

So that’s my picks for AW16 after seeing the Selfie Fashion Event at MK1 Shopping Park in Bletchley, Milton Keynes but before I go, take a look at my #SelfieFashion pic. 


The Heart FM Angels and Selfie Fashion Queens were buzzing around on the day taking photos and if you uploaded yours with the #SelfieFashion hashtag you stood a chance of winning a huge £500 new wardrobe of clothes! 


And they were giving out goodie bags yeek! Have a little look what was in mine: 


Outfits styled by Emma @ Stylissimo
Prices correct as of 24.09.2016
MK1 Shopping Park Selfie Fashion Event