Lush Milton Keynes Blogger Event – Halloween Products

I can’t believe it’s already that time of year again when a festive email drops into my mailbox inviting me to my local Lush shop for a fun-filled bloggers evening. 


Lush Milton Keynes at intu Shopping Centre

I absolutely adore the blogger events that Lush do, not only does it give me a chance to meet like-minded bloggers from around my local area but I adore seeing all the new products, getting hands on with them and demoing them. 

But first, refreshments. Let’s not forget that Halloween is a massive part of the Lush winter range and the gorgeous refreshments that the Lush staff put out for us all were Halloween themed! Psst. those delicious cupcakes are all vegan too!


It was only fitting to be chronological and this post is focused on some of the new Halloween products now available to buy in store NOW!


Making it’s debut back in 2013 this has become a firm favourite from the Halloween Lush lineup. 

Scented with patchouli and black pepper oil. This is the bath bomb for those who are looking for a peppery yet sweet bathing experience. 



Brand new for 2016 the Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb is beautiful in and out the water. It cleverly transforms like the autumn leaves outside from shades of green to yellow to orange and red. 

Sharing it’s scent with the much loved (yet discontinued) Grass shower gel and bubble bar, this is sure to be a massive seller this season. 



Another brand new product but with a familiar scent to it. Monsters’ Ball bath bomb shares the same scent of Calacas products but in a cute monster head shape! 

Lime and neroli oils is what gives this bath bomb it’s super fresh and citrus zing. 



Do you like to bath in a mountain of bubbles and glitter? Then this could be your dream bubble bar. 

Filled with juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils and covered in gold lustre, this is a citrus bubble bar but with edge. The juniper berry along with the real cinnamon stick ‘pumpkin stalk’ (excuse my photo with it missing) give this bubble bar a warmth so it isn’t overpoweringly sweet. 



The Boo bath melt is a bit different from a bubble bar or a bath bomb. You simply place it in the water, or in the stream of running water and it slowly and hypnotically will melt away to give you a soothing and moisturising bath experience. Scented with warming ginger this is sure to keep the chills out this winter.


There are more Halloween products in store that we just didn’t have time to demo. Including Lord Of Misrule shower gel, Pumpkin bath bomb, Goth Fairy shimmer bar, Halloween Knot Wraps and of course, lots of spooky gift sets. 

Stay tuned for Part. 2 of this blog which will include some of the much coveted Christmas products for 2016.