Review: Lush Cosmetics Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

He’s got his eye on the perfect bath…


EEK! It’s that spooky time of year again! Halloween items are haunting my local Lush in Milton Keynes and I couldn’t resist bringing a few of the spooks home to see just how scarily good they are.  


The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is a brand new product for Halloween 2016. 

Now it might be a brand new product in the looks department, but sniff and if you are a keen lushie you will recognise the Calacas scent that it possesses. I’ve also heard if you’re a super lushie, you might even recognise that it’s scarily similar to The Enchanter bath bomb that has since been discontinued. 


If you’re not familiar with the Calacas scent then imagine citrus scents of lime and bitter orange oils mixed with the woody smell from the olibanum oils (frankincense). 

It’s sweet but the woody aroma stops this bath bomb from sitting in the same category as the super-sweet candy scented products that dominate the winter season at Lush.


As it hit the bath water Monsters’ Ball put on a spooktacular show of instant fizz and frothed out into the waters with the most vivid blues and shades of pink. 


It actually looked like the monster had awoke and he was not happy about it one bit.



All the while, the room was being filled with the scent of lime and neroli along with the woody notes and the bath water was being transformed into the most beautiful shade of purple. 



His ominous one eye was the last to give up the ghost to the glistening waters of his own creation. 


As the last pieces diminished it was like witnessing a beautiful nebular.


The Monsters’ Ball bath bomb is definitely gorgeous to look at in and out the bath but in my honest opinion I wasn’t bowled over by it’s scent. I think  you’ll either love the woody aspect or be nonchalant to it’s powers. Saying that, the scent is a sticker, and I was smelling it on my skin for hours after. 


Would I buy it again this Halloween? Probably not but woOoooOooo knows?

Monsters’ Ball bath bomb £4.25
Price correct as of 05.10.16







2 thoughts on “Review: Lush Cosmetics Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb

  1. My daughter was desperate for this bath bomb but unfortunately something must have been wrong with it as she looked like she had a dreadful pink rash afterwards and we had to shower & scub it all off! The bath was stained pink & only bleach would remove it. She adores Lush products & has never experienced anything like this before. Your photos look cool, just as it looked on line but our pictures tell a different story! So disappointed …

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    1. That’s awful. It did leave a couple of pink stains on my bath tub but nothing drastic. Oh and a couple of pink fingers but that’s because I was holding the bomb as it fizzed for the photographs. I’d definitely contact Lush as their customer service is second to none and they will want to hear of your experience. 😞


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