Happy 1st Birthday Rev de Cuba MK!

Last night I attended Revolucion de Cuba’s First Birthday Fiesta to mark a major milestone for the popular MK nightspot. 

Has the curse of The Theatre District been broken? Read on to find out… 

Rev de Cuba celebrating their 1st Birthday at The Theatre District in Milton Keynes is more than just your average birthday celebration. After numerous bars and clubs have tried to thrive in the area (post-recession) and for the most part, failed, the Cuban bar definitely has a reason to celebrate. 

Success like this doesn’t just happen by chance though. A skilled and youthful management team have worked hard along with their friendly servers and expert cocktail makers at welcoming the people of Milton Keynes to experience a slice of Cuba, creating an exotic hub for cocktails, meals and nights out. 

I was so chuffed to receive a VIP invitation to the Fiesta (Spanish word for party). I might be over six months pregnant but that doesn’t mean I need to be wrapped up in bed waiting for my due date. So I squeezed myself (literally) into a 90’s-esque outfit, plastered on some make up and waddled off to The Theatre District. 



So glad I wore tights last night. Autumn nights are definitely here and walking from the car to Rev de Cuba it was a bit nippy!


However, there was no need for shivering inside Rev de Cuba! It was busy and warm when I entered with every table filled with guests BUT I didn’t need to worry about being stuck on my feet all night. Hannah, the sales manager who has been with Rev de Cuba since before they first opened their doors in MK, escorted Mr LouBou and I straight to a reserved VIP area and tied a VIP ribbon on our wrists. I felt like royalty!


The VIP area was right by the live band who were performing. They were so good! I love that most times I’ve visited to Rev de Cuba they have had live musicians performing. 


I might not have been able to indulge in a proper boozy cocktail but the lovely Hannah created an off the menu cocktail just for me! She has even named it the Lou-tini


I’ve been informed the Lou-tini is made with half a shot of lime juice, half a shot of sugar syrup, one shot strawberry purée and two shots of cranberry. Shake with ice and strain. Look how beautiful it is! 

By 9pm the place was heaving with guests. The live band finished off their set in spectacular style and then resident DJ Neil Bowles took to the decks and turned the atmosphere up another notch. 


You can get the pregnant girl to the club but she can’t run from all the side effects that pregnancy brings, including an insatiable appetite. 

My belly grumbled and I had to order the jerk chicken hamburguesa (Spanish for burger) with sweet potato fries. 


After inhaling my food, more drinks and lots of socialising with the other guests (Sophie, Jaz, Amanda and Anthony etc) I started to get tired – Okay, okay, pregnancy does take it out of you but I gave the night a good go!

As I left, I saw the big queue outside of people who wanted in! Rev de Cuba definitely have proven themselves for a full year that they are a place to be seen in Milton Keynes.

When I got home it felt so amazing to get out of my tight clothes (I really need to think about maternity clothes), climb into sweats and just lounge. 


Thanks for a great evening Rev de Cuba. Happy 1st Birthday. I hope you have many more in Milton Keynes. You are amazing!