Brand new for Halloween 2016 say hello to the Lush Cosmetics Pumpkin Bath Bomb.


The Pumpkin Bath Bomb promises a bath ‘dripping in spice and sauciness’ of Pumpkin Pie with a biscuity fragrance. Does it serve it up right for Halloween? Read ooOOooon…

Another Halloween special from Lush Cosmetics, this super sweet and spicy smelling Pumpkin fella is making his first appearance for Lushoween and after a sniff of his alluring body, I personally hope it’s not his last. 


When he enters the water you notice right away he is a frantic fizzer of a bath bomb, taking just a matter of a couple of minutes to frantically dance away. Probably a good thing as handling it in the water the bath bomb turned my hand as orange as a pumpkin itself!


When he’s finished you are left with the most beautifully vibrant orange bath. A bath that serious couldn’t get anymore orange if it tried. 

The scent that’s promised as pumpkin pie (a Halloween foodie favourite in America) might not be easy for the average British girl to identify but what it does remind me of is spicy cinnamon baked pastry goods with rich vanilla custard! 


It’s extremely pleasant to have both extremes of the spice and the sweetness rather than just one or the other. It is also undeniably ‘biscuity’ and who doesn’t love the smell of biscuits?

After a long soak the scent stuck to my skin for hours afterwards so it gets an extra thumbs up from me. 

In terms of moisturising I didn’t find it a standout bath bomb to reach for when in need of extreme moisture but it was by no means drying and left me soft enough with  my usual moisturising routine post-bath. 

Did you video the Pumpkin Bath Bomb?

Yes, I did! If you want to see the Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb in action check out this little YouTube demo video I made.


Would you buy it again?

I am known for my love of eating biscuits and sweet desserts and this bath bomb gave me a delicious experience with zero calories, so hell yes!

How much does it cost?

£3.95 (Price correct as of 31.10.2016)

Is it available all year?

I highly doubt it. This product is definitely here for Lushoween and will making a sharp exit from stores and online sooOOooOon!