The Lush Kitchen is a place to be filled with wonder, to be amazed with special inventions or even to get your paws on retro Lush products that may have been discontinued for years. 


The Haunted House Gift Set was available to buy from the Lush Kitchen a couple of weeks before Halloween 2016. It’s filled with no less than five retro Lushoween products. Open the door if you want to come in and find out what’s inside…

Housed inside this strong cardboard box the Haunted House Gift Set is beautiful to look at. On all sides of the house is a different design so it’s truly a 3d representative of a haunted house!

The box is so pretty that I am definitely going to be keeping it forever. 

Haunted House Gift Set: 

1x Pumkin Bubble Bar
1x Demon In The Dark Soap
1x Something Wicked This Way Comes Bath Melt
1x Nightwing Shower Jelly
1x Ghost Shower Gel 


Compared to the Pumpkin Gift Set that was dominated by bath products, I feel this gift set has a great select of both bath and shower products with the inclusion of both a shower jelly and a shower gel but lacking a bomb? Maybe next year put in six products Lush? *WINK*

Pumkin Bubble Bar wins the award for being one of the cutest bubble bars that I ever did clap my eyes on. Look at his cute leaf and liquorice stalk!


The Nightwing Shower Jelly smells like blackcurrant fruit pastilles which is so good for my love of all things super sweet and just feels right for these darker months. 


The Ghost Shower Gel smells so delicate and floral that it really is bewitching. I can’t wait to see how it performs in the shower!

I’m looking forward to trying the Something Wicked This Way Comes. That along with the Boo that I have from the Pumpkin Gift Set are both bath melts and are products that I don’t have the most experience with from Lush. 

The Demon In The Dark Soap is probably my least favourite of the bunch. Scented with peppermint. I just struggle to get on with mint scented products but I will sure give it a go as it’s paired with one of my favourites, apples! 

That’s one of the perks of a gift set though, getting to try something new that you wouldn’t normally choose. It creates an allure and excitement that you just don’t get when you go into a store and cherry pick exactly what you want. I’m sure you know what I mean.

As this was a Lush Kitchen Exclusive then of course there was a Lush Kitchen Polaroid included. Halloween themed too! Take a load of this.

Did you manage to get your hands on the Haunted House gift set? Have you tried any of these products before? I’d love to hear your experiences or which is your fave!