CLINIQUE. The iconic skin care and cosmetics brand that graces the floors of most department and high street beauty stores. Whether you know them for their pioneering 3 step skin care system, the allergen and perfume free formulas or their impressive range of skin friendly cosmetics. They have been helping millions achieve beautiful skin since 1968. So, what’s new in the 21st century?

I joined Clinique at their Debenhams counter in intu Milton Keynes this week for a masterclass and to find out…


When I arrived at Debenhams Clinique Counter for the masterclass I was introduced to the Clinique skin experts and was offered a glass of fizzy (orange juice for me tho *sob*) and tasty cakes and snacks. 


After nibbles and introductions were over, anyone who has ever visited a Clinique counter will know what came next. The skin questionnaire which the Clinique staff would carry out on their Clinique ‘computer’ or paper form (what I did). 


These questions are really important for the Clinique skin experts to ask as all the advice and products they recommend from their range are tailored to your individual skin type. 

I’m a Skin Type 2 or Dry Combination Skin Type which is quite common. I experience dry, sensitised patches of skin on my cheeks and yet I suffer with common shiny nose syndrome and oily t zone. What skin type do you have?

I was then introduced to the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. That’s right, a brush to use to wash your face – I kid you not. 


Released in 2014 and developed by dermatologists (like everything at Clinique) was created to provide a deep yet gentle cleansing. My first impression was that a powered brush was going to be anything but gentle, conjuring up ideas of whizzing brush bristles and aggressive scouring, I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

Much like an electric toothbrush, the sonic system brush vibrates in a gentle manner and the brushes do not whip around or move they just ride pulsate from the vibrations.

There’s two types of bristles, the green ones at the top of the brush are slightly stiffer and are more suited for your stubborn or problem areas like t zone or chin. Whilst the main brush bristles are super soft.

Depending on your skin type there’s also the option of different brush types. For blemish-prone skin, sensitive skin or even if you are male there’s a choice of brush heads available (different head for men as their skin is tougher, thicker and needs a slightly firmer brush for cleansing). The extra gentle brush head for sensitive skin felt as soft as a baby brush but still promises to remove all traces of dirt from your skin. There’s even a metal massage head which can be used for facial massage treatments! Sounds like a home spa experience to me. 


To use a sonic cleansing brush is very simple. You apply your chosen cleanser to the bristles, switch on and move around your entire face. It has an auto turn off after 30 seconds which I’m told is perfectly enough time to cover your whole face (although most people are tempted to go over and over again – it’s not needed).

During the masterclass we used them on the back of our hands and it left my skin feeling tingly and clean. I was impressed with the clean feeling, it definitely didn’t feel abrasive or rough in the slightest. 

The brush is also completely waterproof so you can leave it in your shower, or side of your bath without fearing damage to the device. The brush heads last approx 3 months and you can buy replacements from Clinique. To keep them super clean I was told washing the bristles in a simple baby shampoo will keep them squeaky clean for you.

The Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush costs £79.00 and is available from Clinique Debenhams at intu shopping centre Milton Keynes.


Before the evening ended I couldn’t help but have a bit of a play with the Clinique range of lipsticks. I tried a gorgeous berry matt lipstick that really impressed me with it’s moisturising feel (nothing worse than a matt lipstick that feels cakey and dry!).




When it was finally time to go home, the lovely people at Clinique wouldn’t let me leave empty handed and this cute little cosmetics bag filled with sample goodies came home with me. I can’t wait to try the Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips. All makeup lovers know those are the most annoying and stubborn bits to remove easily! 


Thanks for reading. If you fancy a Clinique treat for yourself. Visit the Clinique counter at Debenhams intu Milton Keynes and mention you saw my blog and they’ll sort you out a little gift. Merry Clinique-mas!