Hello 2017! Nice to meet you. Wanna make memories?

I am not going to say I am glad to see the back of 2016. I enjoyed it. Another year of watching my little half pint growing and learning, making memories with my very adored husband and me, going through the motions of a second pregnancy. 

It’s now January 1st 2017. The official due date of our second child. It was only a few weeks ago that we were booked in for a cesarean section before Christmas Day with some horrific worries about the pregnancy, but after lots of tests and being lucky enough to be referred to John Radcliffe Hospital and meeting a specialist, we agreed that I could progress naturally with caution for now.

But let’s not be unnecessary. In the words of my new diary “Don’t Look Back” it’s 2017 and everything seems good!


That doesn’t mean I am out of the cesarean or pregnancy risks completely but it’s allowed Mr LouBou and I to enjoy Christmas and now New Years with our half pint instead of being split up with recovering in hospital, you can’t ask better than that.


Loving the Hello Kitty Snapchat filter for New Years!

So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hello January! Hello 2017! (And hopefully very soon) HELLO NEW BABY! 

I appreciate each and everyone one of you lovely people who enjoy reading my ramblings and tolerating my food, lush, beauty, my family and all my other obsessions that when combined make up who I am.  

Wishing you all a beautiful 2017. Let’s do this!