5 Day Old Baby

…and coping with my second c section.

As you may have gathered at 9:33am on January 6th 2017 I had my second child, a beautiful baby boy. Squishee.

Here’s how it’s going today at day 5 post baby and post c section in a short/got barely a moment to myself update. 

The baby boy decided to keep us up most of the night for no real reason. Good job he’s cute! 💙👶 
As if by magic, my parents appeared and helped us out with such simple gestures of a fresh cup of tea, five minutes to get clean and dressed and to pick up toys our half pint toddler has spread over every inch of our house. I now feel so much more head straight. 💪 Ooh they came with gifts too! 👇


Health visitor came and did baby’s heel prick test, weight and check up. He handled it amazingly well, did pee all over the health visitor and himself though…💦

I can now sit on edge of sofa without wanting to die. 🙌 Fingers crossed healing continues speedily and I’m feeling more pain free soon, the hardest part of having a c section is wanting to run around as normal after your newborn and your family but not being able to. #FeelingUseless 😢

My husband is currently outdoing himself over and over again. Supernanny got nothing on him. 👊 #MyLobster 

Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight 😴😴😴