Liz Earle The Botanist’s Cabinet Product Recall

If you follow my social media you would see that I received The Botanist’s Cabinet gift set from Liz Earle this Christmas. 

And then you might have noticed that last week I posted I was upset to hear that one of the products in the gift set was potentially faulty and was under an official product recall.

My Mum who had originally purchased the gift set for me received an email from Boots informing her of the product recall, how to check the batch number of the product affected and then instructions on how to register for a replacement. 


I choose the replacement Superskin Concentrate for Night 10ml rollerball plus a surprise gift.

Then today this turned up. Only four days later. Impressive handling times!



I received a replacement of Superskin Concentrate for Night rollerball but in as a full size product 10ml which is excellent especially as the original was only a 2ml sample. 


In addition to that I also received a sample size Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 30ml which I look forward to trying as winter is making my skin DRY AS HELL. First impressions is it smells nice, if a little strong for a product you spray directly on your face. We shall see, it may well by the hayfever sufferer in me that is being on the fence, haha!

I really hope the person who highlighted the issue that resulted in the product recall to Liz Earle didn’t suffer any nasty consequences. Glass in a product is by no means a small issue.

Overall I am happy with the efficient way that Liz Earle has handled the product recall. Of course, it would be ideal for no company to ever have a need to recall a product but I am quite forgiving that mistakes do happen and it is the way that a company conducts themselves during a problem that leaves a lasting impression. A full size replacement and a free gift seems a good deal to me.