Squishee receives a lovely gift from Morrck

Squishee would like to say thank you to the lovely people at Morrck who kindly sent him one of their baby hoodie car seat blankets. 


If you’re wondering what a Morrck baby hoodie car seat blanket is, it’s a blanket designed to fit in your baby car seat, using the car seat safety straps and then wraps around your baby. 


It would work equally well in a pushchair or anywhere that uses the standard baby harness safety system too from what I gather. 


It took all of a minute to fit into Squishee’s car seat. Very easy.


The lining is 100% cotton jersey and the outside is fleece. It’s slightly padded which makes it soft and snuggly. 



I love that the blanket has a hood for total snuggliness. 


Most importantly, being able to strap your baby in safely and correctly without having to worry about thick winter coats or snowsuits getting in the way from the seat harnesses from fitting properly is the ultimate benefit. Brilliantly designed.


Comfort is the next bonus. I have been getting annoyed with Squishee’s snowsuit. He is an average size baby at an average weight but his newborn sized snowsuit looks ridiculous on him and doesn’t look very comfortable. This particular snowsuit also made Squishee ridiculously slippery to handle (imagine trying to hold a wet fish!). 


So thank you for the very useful and handy gift Morrck. Squishee is as snug as a bug in a… well, blanket.


Now, if only they could make an adult-sized one for me…