Time Never Looked So Pretty

You might have noticed from some of my recent Instagram pics that I’ve got a new piece of arm candy. 


If you haven’t, say hello to my lil’ friend!

It’s from Marc Brug London. A watch company I stumbled across online and caught my attention. Why you ask? First of all the fresh new company started in London. Secondly, they are born of the passion of a husband and wife team. How sweet is that? And thirdly and most importantly, I swear, the model I choose is the chicest watch, ever. 

Here’s some photos of when I received and first unboxed it. 






The model I have is the Trocadero 36 and cost £129. It is rose gold with a white face. I have such a soft spot for rose gold at the moment. It’s has a much softer look than yellow gold and I think it’s super feminine. 

Saying that, the watch style with it’s rose gold mesh strap and large watch face is something more powerful, and perhaps more masculine in size than watches of years gone by, but this is why I love it. It’s a strong look for a strong girl! 


The hardest thing for me was figuring out how to adjust the strap (See pic above). Did I mention this is my first watch since the 90’s? And that watch was a plastic rubbery fashion-of-the-time watch with a common fastening with lots of holes to choose from. This was my first time encountering this sort of watch strap. One YouTube video later though and thankfully I had the perfect fit for me. 

Some of the following pics show it on me!


The strap is comfortable as it’s so wide and it doesn’t slip around my wrist and wind me up – no pun intended.


A few weeks into owning and the time is being kept perfectly, which might seem a ridiculous thing to mention but I am such a perfectionist and it would drive me mad if the time wasn’t accurate. 


The biggest surprise wearing a watch for me was having the time on my wrist. Go ahead, you can laugh!

As you know I’ve recently become a mum for the second time and my days are so busy and my hands are being kept full with either one child or the other – but mostly both of them at the same time(!). Yonks ago when the smartphone entered my life it became my watch but these days I’m finding it further from my hand than it ever used to be. Being able to have the time “on me” has been sooo convenient. 


So that’s my new arm candy. And doesn’t it look pretty nestled around my unicorn when I go to sleep? Thanks for reading!