It should be a crime to spend a Sunday in a stressful manner.

I like a Sunday to be as lazy and as relaxed as possible, spent with my most favourite people, Mr LouBou, the half pint and the squishee. So when an invitation pops in my mailbox for the whole family to check out Rev de Cuba’s latest food menus, it’s a no-brainer for a family Sunday lunch-type situation. 

Rev de Cuba in the Theatre District definitely holds the trophy for best nightspot up ‘that end’ of Central Milton Keynes but in holding that trophy you can’t help but wonder is that all they are capable of? Can they really satisfy a family meal over some of the heavily branded family restaurants that share the same postcode? 


I’m sure I’ve said in previous posts about my hatred (strong word, strong feeling) for the smell of stale, aged alcohol. In particular, beer. 

I grew up in the era before the gastropub, before the chic-city-bar-restaurant were born. Eating in a licensed bar or pub when I was young meant eating with bad aromas of alcohol and cigarettes with a hint of bleach from the messy, unsuccessful cleaning attempts.

So I am pleasantly surprised when I walk into Rev de Cuba thirty minutes after opening on a Sunday lunchtime to be greeted with a fresh smell. No staleness, no evidence at all that only nine hours previous, there would’ve been people dancing in front of the bar, at the tables and all the chaos that a Saturday night entertainment venue involves. 


Mr LouBou, the little guys and I take a seat at our table and our eyes dive into the menus to see what we fancy to eat and drink. 

The half pint is given a pot of colour pencils and a children’s menu that also doubles up as an activity sheet. 




To drink Mr LouBou has a lager and I can’t resist the Totally Tropical Punch cocktail that comes in a crazy pineapple glass. 


Not to be left out, the half pint has a fruit juice. The server kindly offers to put the juice in the same glass as my cocktail, which pleases him no end. He thinks he has the same drink as mummy!

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To start we order the crusty breads with homemade creole and roasted garlic butters and homemade guacamole with tortilla chips. 


The bread I could’ve happily gone without. It was a touch stale and paled in comparison to the best homemade guacamole that I’ve had in a long time.

But again, that guacamole. Those chips. Go try them, you won’t be disappointed. 




I order tapas. Gambas Pil Pil (above).


Chicken Quesadilla (above). 


And Honey Glazed Vegetables (above). 

All the tapas was tasty. I would be happier if there was more variety in the honey glazed vegetables as it felt all very orange. The Chicken Quesadilla was extremely yummy and the prawns sweet and buttery.


Mr LouBou orders the Paella de Cuba from the Large Plates menu. The paella was stuffed with flavour, although a little overloaded with chorizo for Mr LouBou’s palette. More chicken please!


Mr LouBou is a renowned salad dodger but this salad that was served alongside the Paella de Cuba got a big thumbs up from him, especially because of the beans. 


For the half pint, we order on his behalf. Homemade chicken goujons with skinny fries. 


The half pint had a good go at the chicken. Perhaps it would be more child-friendly for the goujons to be smaller but just like most kids his eyes were all about the fries and ketchup!


For dessert (a must in my book) we order the Colombian Chocolate Brownie with vanilla pod ice cream (above). 


A portion of churros (above). 


And the half pint cheekily asks the server for “iceee stream” (above). 

All the desserts are lovely. Shout out to the Colombian Brownie tho. Daymn, you good. 


To round off the meal. Of course, there’s coffee and tea whilst the half pint hoovers up any leftovers in sight. 


Overall, the offering at Rev de Cuba for family dining is not to be ignored. I enjoy the varied menu for both adults and children, which in contrast to a lot of heavily family-branded eateries, isn’t just another burger and chips offering (yawn). 


I must say a special thank you to our server Jade. She made sure nothing was too much trouble, we felt perfectly looked after and very welcome. You might say that’s just standard but in my experience, service is something that can be extremely lacking these days and when you come across the good ones, they shine like diamonds. 


This proved to me that Rev de Cuba is good at any time of day. Now if only they could create a brunch menu…


Date of visit: 26.02.17
Revolucion de Cuba Milton Keynes