Joining forces with MK1 Shopping Park


ARGH! This is such exciting times!

The amazing retail and leisure park that is MK1 (that epic place that houses the Odeon IMAX and all those clothes shops…) asked me to join forces with them to help showcase my favourite picks of fashion, home and leisure that is on offer there!


Whether I am browsing the latest fashions on my own late in the evening, or visiting the Odeon on date night with Mr LouBou or visiting one of the restaurants with the whole family, I am a huge fan of MK1. 

Come on, what’s not to love? Most shops are open until 8pm Mon-Fri. Primark is open even later to 9pm in the week! 

I love that it has free parking and it’s easy to stroll to a restaurant if you get peckish (not if, when). 

And of course, MK1 gave everyone who lives in Milton Keynes the chance to say, we have a Primark! Yeah, that crazy huge store which until a few years ago was just a fairy tale.

My latest buys from MK1 have included this cute t-shirt from H&M 


This slogan t-shirt that I am obsessed with from Topshop at Outfit


and these amazing shoes from Primark – ready for me to kick butt with GIRL POWER! 


I visited MK1 today and enjoyed having a mooch around and even indulged in a mojito sorbet from Chimichanga, which I enjoyed sat outside in the sunshine. It was bliss!

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So that’s my amazing news that got my week started with a bang! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for posts across the blog and my social media to showcase my very own edits on what I think is the hottest buys in fashion, home and entertainment that’s available at MK1

Psst. there might be a giveaway just around the corner too…


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