Mother’s Day Cards: Do you go for slosh or funk?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching take note all those who are as disorganised as myself and as I find myself standing in front of another stand filled to the brim with greetings cards, I ask myself. Do I go for slosh or funk?


Infamous in my family as being someone who struggles to make ANY sort of decision, can you imagine when I’m stood in front of a good fifty or more various cards depicting all sorts of sentiments, emotions and gestures, how do I commit to one?

Yes, they all have the same message. Happy Mother’s Day. And on the subliminal level the second message. I love you. I want to remind you of that. Yes, they are the two most important parts of greetings cards but…

Now throw in the designs; whether it’s thanking mum for what she does, telling her you can’t live without her, wishing her as much prosecco as she can handle or telling her she’s the most respected mum in your universe. Where do you want your tone to sit? What sort of mum is yours?


For someone like me that struggles to commit to what I want on my toast in the morning, it can be a nightmare to choose. That’s even before I get home, open it and sit with a pen in my hand wondering what to write inside. N.B. Those of you who can just sign your name in the bottom of an empty card, I APPLAUD YOU.

So, shopping today and determined to come home with Mother’s Day cards for my mother-in-law and the imperatively, important main mum (mine) had me back in front of the dreaded card stands. Picking one, changing my mind, putting them all back and buying sushi instead. WAH?

IMG_2893 (1).JPG

I gave myself a hard kick, hit the stands again and made myself choose there and then. This is what I bought..


Extra Special Mummy Card from M&S £2.75 – MUM AMAZING Card from Next £2 – BOTH PURCHASED FROM MK1 SHOPPING PARK


First steps are the hardest, right? 

Bottom line is, mums can be everything. We can love them, worship them, want to throttle them, wish them cute sentiments and wish them a hair-down night out that’ll have them struggling to remember they even have children. They can be cutesy, fashionable, and always a classic. How can you pigeon hole your mum into one being and deliver it sealed in an envelope for her to cherish? You can’t and we just have to accept that. 

At least I’m home and with the Mother’s Day cards ticked off my to-do list. 


Now if someone can just help me with what to write, that’d be great…