Lush Easter 2017 range

Calorie free Easter goodies from Lush are here, and they look and smell good enough to eat. Standard.


Last week I was kindly invited to a bloggers event at my local Lush, giving me and some of my fellow local bloggers an exclusive peek at the Easter range for 2017.

First up, who was in attendance…

Sophie etc

Emillie Charlotte Samantha + her sister 🙂

Iqra – The Blushing Giraffe

Jaz – The Life of a Social Butterfly

Megan – First Coffee

Mr LouBou

Now onto the products…


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 22.39.01.png

Afraid you’ll have to make do with a screenshot of this product. Bit gutted that this wasn’t available to buy at the event but I was lucky enough to get a taste. IT TASTES LIKE CHOCOLATE ORANGE! Seriously, go try a chunk of it in store (you can blame me if you get funny looks). This Easter exclusive product is one that I will be adding to my collection when I can get a chance to hit the store up again.



One, huge, pink egg. It’s £6.95 so this sweet citrus scented bath bomb should and is big enough to stretch over a few baths. Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oils coupled with the vanilla absolute are what give this bomb the uplifting and sweet aroma it possesses.





The Golden Egg bath bomb melt (£3.95) is one of the most marmite Lush products I’ve ever encountered. How can you not grin with excitement at that much golden, sparkly, lustre? But on the other hand, I wonder how many of you in such excitement of witnessing the golden egg have rushed to pick it up, only to realise you will be wearing gold lustre until Christmas (Yeah, that happened to me). The smell reminds me of chocolate toffees. It is seriously, yummy. This half bomb, half bath melt will leave you moisturised and ready for Summer. Plus you’ll be enjoying tons of unexpected gold highlighter for your face and body. WINNING!





This cute 3-in-1 bath bomb is another coming in at a higher price end at £6.95 but, it’s large and as it comes in 3 parts it’s easily used for 3 separate baths (or one if you’re feeling particularly frivolous). It has a biscuity scent, filled with Tonka and Bergamot Oil this fella will give you “come bath with me” eyes courtesy of vegan chocolate (take my word on it, don’t eat it). The way he fits together out of two halves and has a tiny cute chick shaped bomb inside him too.





Bunch of Carrots is a reusable bubble bar in the form of colourful carrots. Each carrot is a different colour so you can use them individually to give yourself a pink, orange or purple bath but they all share the same yummy, fruity fragrance (the same scent as the Snowman shower jelly from Xmas). You can hold onto the green carrot stalks and swish these into your bath or just use them as you would your normal bubble bars (I like to crumble mine up into dust before running the water).




After being a bit disappointed with the Somewhere Over The Rainbow soap from Easter 2016 I was not holding out much hope for falling for this years offering. I got them wrong, Lush have made this one a corker. Made with vegan white chocolate, extra virgin coconut oil and both Sicilian lemon and grapefruit oils, this soap smells dreamy. Think of the yummy fragrances from the Golden Egg Bath Melt and similar to the old Which Came First and Humpty Dumpty bombs. I wasn’t able to try this product in store at the preview so unsure on it’s moisturising capabilities but the ingredients list is promising with the coconut oil and the chocolate, could this be the perfect soap for drier skins?

£3.50 per 100g





This product is so wrong, hilariously wrong on all levels but it’s Lush, it smells good, so let’s roll with it.

Flopsy is a face wash jelly much like the Christmas exclusive Papa Noel but instead of a funny beard to wear, it’s a bunny face. There’s something a bit unsettling to me about this particular bunny face though. I’m not sure if it’s the colour, the texture of the jelly or just that it looks like a skinned bunny rabbit. It does tickle me though that perhaps the most vigilant and cruelty free beauty brand has a product that looks like they’ve injured an animal. Take a look below and tell me what you think?


To use it, simply wet it, rub on your face, rinse, done. It costs £7.95 but I hazard a guess this bunny will give you value for money when only using it for facial cleansing.


P.S. Who noticed the insane description Lush gave “Flopsy” on their website? If you didn’t check out and in particular the line that starts with “Simply flop it out…” I’ll say no more!




Hold the front pages:- Lush has a new shower gel, with a brand new fragrance. For most, shower gels from Lush are existential when you want to Lush but busy lifestyles and quick early morning or bedtime showers are what you can afford until you can sneak in time for a bath.

This shower gel is orange, SO orange. It has a fresh carrot infusion in it which is supposed to be great for your skin but the colour had me imagining the most fruity sweet orange scent when I opened the bottle to smell it but instead it’s something much more subtle. Not unpleasant, light and delicate due to the rose and neroli oils, but definitely not what my nose was expecting all the same (thanks eyes!). Next time you’re near Lush, give it a smell and let me know what you think?

From £5.95 / 100g





Literally, a bundle of FUN! For £19.95 you get not one, not two but FIVE different varieties of Fun inside a cute knot wrap. Green, orange, pink, purple and yellow Fun are included all weighing 100g. I have been using Fun a lot in recent months. If you’re unfamiliar with it, think of modelling clay that you can take a chunk and wash with. Works for showers, baths and even washing hair. When I went away for the weekend recently, I found it a lot easier to tear off a chunk of Fun for my wash bag than a bottle of shower gel which can be heavy and cumbersome. Something to note as well that you can’t purchase some of these Fun varieties without visiting the flagship Oxford Street superstore, so an easy way of getting your mitts on them all. 





Carrot gift set has returned with near identical packaging from 2016 but there are some considerable differences. This year it contains three products and they are all from the Easter range. Chick ‘N’ Mix bath bomb, Golden Egg bath melt and the Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar. The packaging makes it a very fun gift to purchase and gives you a good variety of bath products to enjoy from the range but it’s a shame the packaging won’t keep as it’s just a thin card cone but the price is slightly cheaper than last year at £17.95 too.




The largest of gift sets for Easter is the Golden Egg. Inspired by the golden goose egg from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you can be forgiven for stamping your foot and declaring loudly, I WANT IT NOW! Inside is four products. The two largest bath bombs, Chick ‘N’ Mix and Which Came First? Then a Golden Egg bath melt and a piece of Chocolate Easter Egg Soap. Not a bad selection of products but again the packaging is not that reusable which is a shame as I am a huge fan of the Lush tins, knot wraps and gift boxes which can be used for numerous other purposes after the original goodies inside are used up. It costs £28.95 and for the money it sure does beat a ridiculously priced chocolate egg that could be demolished in an hour and leave you with nothing but guilt for the calorie intake. I know what I’d prefer!


That’s it! The Lush Easter 2017 range. My favourite products have got to be the Chocolate lip scrub and the Golden Egg bath melt, which I’ll suffer the gold lustre time and time again for.

Massive thanks to Lush Milton Keynes for inviting me to the preview night, I had a great time. The vegan brownies and drinks were delicious (no pics meant they were super yummy as they were just inhaled!) and thanks for my goodie bag (with a couple of items I couldn’t resist buying myself) and the sweetest personalised LouBou Lush black pot complete with flowers!