Easter Egg Decorating & Crafting at Frosts

Half Pint gets an exclusive peek at Frosts’ Easter Hols event


Did you know that Frosts put on a whole heap of family friendly events throughout the year aside from their much loved Christmas Grotto? Until last year, I didn’t. Then I heard about the children’s Halloween circus through a friend, did a bit more digging and found out they do a whole host of other activities throughout the year that were aimed at families. 

For Easter holidays this year (03-07 April & 10 – 13 April) Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands is offering an Easter Eggcellent Treat! and the half pint (with the rest of us in tow) was lucky enough to be invited over to see what all the crack is (bad pun, sorry!). 

IMG_3721 (1).JPG

The event is in the purpose built event area at the back of the food hall outside space (where Santa’s grotto was last Xmas). 


20 children can be seated in the event which runs every 30 minutes from 9.30am – 3.30pm.


Look at all those golden eggs waiting to be decorated! 


Each place for the child to sit at has a wooden stick for gluing (icing), a pot of sweets, a pot of squidgy icing, the very important golden egg and a bunny ears/glasses crafting kit. 


The sweets pot is generous, allowing the child to be as adventurous with their designs as they wish (or in the half pint’s case, as nibbly as he wanted to be). 


The egg comes in a box, wrapped in gold foil on a bed of green ‘hay’. 




The half pint’s finished egg!



Squash is provided in the event as it’s thirsty work decorating that egg (and after nibbling yummy sweets)!



When the half pint had finished decorated his egg it was taken off to be wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon, all ready to take home and enjoy at Easter. 


After decorating the egg it’s the turn of the bunny ears/glasses craft kit. Which children can choose to do there or take home to make at a later time (we choose to do the latter). 

The half pint really enjoyed the experience. He loved nibbling sweets, decorating the egg and having something to take home that he created. For the price, I think it’s good value for an Easter activity that includes an Easter egg, sweets, a drink, the craft kit and something special for children to do during the hols (with none of the clear up!).

The event lasts approx 25 minutes and costs £6.99 per child (adults have to accompany a child but no charge). 

Pre-booking is essential which can be done online, in store at the customer service desk or on the phone 0800 954 9484.

One thing I do want to note which is AMAZING is the event can cater for children who have a food allergy or an intolerance. Speak to staff if you need more information but I understand that milk and gluten are taken care of. 


Thanks to Frosts for inviting us to preview the experience. -x-