BREAKING NEWS: President Trump arrives in Milton Keynes

Read on for the latest as it unfolds…


Generating headlines is part and parcel of daily life these days for President Trump but today things have taken an even more drastic and unexpected turn.

The 45th President of the United States commenced his much publicised state visit to the UK without warning following the UK’s triggering of Article 50 last Wednesday and has travelled straight to the town of Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire.


Arriving at Central Milton Keynes train station this morning, the president made a statement to the press and spectators who congregated there at a record pace as news of his arrival spread throughout. 

President Trump announced in his speech “Milton Keynes is much like America, and much like America it needs someone, and that someone is me. I vow after making Milton Keynes my place of official residence whilst I’m in the UK, that I fully intend to fulfil the potential of Milton Keynes, and make Milton Keynes great again.”

His arrival has been met with some fury from local residents of Milton Keynes who clearly do not want the attention of playing host to such a controversial world leader. 

Local resident Dally Fora Pois who witnessed Trumps arrival said “Who does Trump think he is? Get back to America, MK was pretty great before you arrived”. 


The “Make Milton Keynes Great Again” campaign has Trump promising to adopt Milton Keynes as his own and make it more American than ever before. On day 2 of his visit he will be meeting with local councillors, businesses and landowners to begin negotiations on where Trump:MK headquarters might be situated. 


The news might seem wholly unexpected but Trump has spoken of his fascination with Milton Keynes in the past. He approves of the American style grid system, the number of chain burger restaurants and he’s compared Campbell Park to the infamous Central Park near his home in New York City. 

What do you think to the news of MK’s newest resident? Have you seen him yet in MK?

And most importantly will he make MK great again, or does this all sound a bit too phoney?