The White Shirt Project @ Karen Millen intu MK

What I really think of Karen Millen and why I think we could all do with investing a touch of KM in our wardrobes

Karen Millen at intu Milton Keynes is one of those extremely chic stores that used to make me stutter and look at my toes for fear of tripping over, dropping an expensive dress and causing a massive scene. In short, I was not convinced it was for me.


As I’ve grown older and more confident, I can admit that -sometimes- I can be wrong. When you take a closer look at Karen Millen, beyond the spacious airy store, the perfectly laid out racks of clothing and cool and collected sales assistants, there’s a distinct abundance of quality over quantity. And a bit of an awakening about the true meaning behind wardrobe investment pieces.

But what does “investment pieces” mean to the average girl like me, other than a higher price tag?

“…a magazine told you that you must have…”

When people talk about investment pieces for your wardrobe, that doesn’t mean splashing out £200 on a striped pink fur coat that a magazine told you that you must have in your wardrobe for winter but come spring will never (and I mean that passionately) ever see the light of day again.

“…our unique body types…”

It means investing in something that will stand the test of each fashion season and maintain your own personal style. How many people dream of the perfect LBD (little black dress) and dream on we do, as reality hits and we ponder why we’ve never found it. We aren’t going to find the perfect fit and cut for each of our unique body types in a budget high street shop who’s goals in fashion aren’t consumer-pleasure-orientated other than on price but yet girls like me will narrow their search in these shops in a vicious circle of disappointment and compromise.

“…justifying the purchase…”

Going back to that £200 pink fur coat that you’re convinced is your style foremost for today and forever and ever just to justifying the purchase to yourself. I dare you to open your wardrobe or think up all those fashion trend pieces that you spent a total of an obscene amount of money on and look at it statistically, how many wears did you get out of those clothes against the total price they cost you?

Now a £200 perfect LBD doesn’t seem too expensive does it? Don’t worry it’s something I’m only just learning now too. And it still gives me a dull pang of defeat that I have to put money where my mouth is.

When most high street retailers throw themselves into each and every fashion trend as fast as they come. Higher end fashion brands like Karen Millen will take inspiration from the catwalks and listen to the trends but maintain that a classic take is more important than just the fashion trend itself.

Don’t shudder at the world “classic”. That doesn’t mean for people drawing their pension, it means for people who are confident in their style and know exactly what they are looking for. In fit, fabric and durability. That is ageless and something I wish I could have had at a younger age but life is a journey and does it matter what time we arrive, the important part is the exploration and discovering of who we are. 

A case in point is Karen Millen’s The White Shirt Project.


In their London design studios the KM designers knew the white shirt was not only a key piece for SS17 but deserves a place in every persons wardrobe. Instead of bringing out just another white shirt they created a capsule collection. Each of the seven white shirts give nods to the spring fashion trends like ruffles, the oversized and the boxy boyfriend fit. Each with a clean, crisp edge that I think would see these shirts being a treasured piece for a whole variety of different occasions.

intu Milton Keynes asked me recently to pick my favourite shirt from the project and it was really hard to choose but the winner for me is The Bell Sleeve Shirt 


The body is the perfect fitted crisp white shirt to show off my curves but the sleeves offer something more dramatic, and I adore a bit of drama in my wardrobe.


As you can see here, the sleeve goes to a perfect length without having to worry about it dragging or giving too much weight to your body by hiding your wrists and hands. The chicest way of wearing a flared bell sleeve. 



“…jeans and converse…”

For me, the most important thing is clothes being adaptable. Being able to rock something like a shirt with jeans and converse or being able to use it for a more smarter look when I’m clambering through my wardrobe the night before an important event I forgot about, having made zero preparations (every. single. time!).

“…important event… zero preparations…”


Pic from

Plus, come on! It’s so Britney Spears circa. 2001 when she rocked those bell sleeve hippy tops. I’m not afraid to say that some trends were so integral in my past that they will always have a home in my future. 


What do you think? Do you invest in your wardrobe? Or do you like your wardrobe to be as changing as the British weather? No one’s right or wrong and that’s the beauty of our unique fashion style

Also a big thank you to Karen Millen MK who sorted out this gorgeous floral bag for me. I love it so much! 🌺🌸🌺