Mental Health Awareness Week 2017

I guess being Mental Health Awareness Week a post about my current situation would be the obvious thing to do.
BUT I don’t think I’m ready to share the bulk of the meat about why I think I am in this position, the illness itself has it’s roots and I am only just working my way back through the tree of life, back to those beginning seeds where it all began. If I started to share it in a blog post it would be bitty, embarrassing, confusing and neither interesting to those who would read it nor helpful to those looking for comfort either.
But for everyone out there who can comprehend, understand or can see similarities with how I’m feeling. The labels; anxiety, depression, panic disorder, sleep disorder, postnatal depression, eating disorders. Basically, screw them. I wouldn’t think twice about spilling my heart out over feeling poorly with a cold and I wouldn’t be fearful of the condition having a name, stigma. I NEED to get to a place where I feel exactly the same way talking about my mental health, talking about me. To others, family, and most importantly the one I avoided for so long, myself.
So, Mental Health Awareness Week. Let’s try and make you unnecessary because you are, like a cold, happening every day, without prejudice, to people from all walks of life.