The Wild West at Frosts – Woburn Sands

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Half Pint & Squishee hit the desert sands for a slightly different take on sandy summer fun


Artificial beaches have been a thing around MK for a good few summers now. Free ones, big ones, deckchair ones. Ones that sell coffee, ones that don’t, and so forth.

Back when I worked with a national radio station it was even part of my job to hang out on one of those kinda beaches, trying to entertain little people with zero skill or tact, as this was a million years before I was a parent myself.

But now I am a parent and a fully paid up member of that group of people whose ears prick up when school holiday events and activities are discussed and gossiped about as eagerly as the latest TV show. Activities like bringing sandy beaches to landlocked Milton Keynes are summer holiday gold dust.

So, beaches are a common calendar event but Frosts in Woburn Sands have opened up shop super early in time for May half term AND they are shunning the beach theme and instead inviting kids to the desert sands of The Wild West.


The Wild West at Frosts

Opening 27.05.17 and running throughout the summer until 03.09.17.

Located in the garden outside the restaurant at Frosts. There is a giant purpose built area that can be identified by The Wild West at Frosts signs, big tipi tent and saloon doors entrance into the area.


Like all events at Frosts there is a small cost involved. £6.99 per child for a 2 hour session. No charge for accompanying adults.

Frosts strictly limit the amount of children in any one session meaning parents can relax knowing it won’t be heaving to the point of misery. There is also lots of seating areas by the various activities inside meaning parents can sit down and take a moment whilst their children play. Oh and it’s got a canopy overhead so you don’t have to worry about sun exposure but whilst still enjoying the lovely warm weather (or if that dreaded rain wants to show up, the fun won’t be ruined).

During the two hours of your time at The Wild West there are many activities for your little sheriffs to get stuck into. All with the help of very friendly staff who are more than happy to help with play and really get involved with the children.


Our own Half Pint enjoying the arts and crafts area. Frosts run regular competitions too so there’s a chance for a prize too.



There’s panning for gold. Heaps of beanbags inside the tipi tent for story time or just hiding away from the outlaws.

A tin can alley that I really wanted to play myself! (Anything for a bit of competitive sport).


Frosts even provide squash and fruit to keep the sheriffs and their deputies full of energy.


Games can be played out on the desert sands too.

Here’s the Half Pint having a go at one of the games (aww!).

For £6.99 per child, those two hours you are inside The Wild West has tons of possibilities for children. I think Frosts has created a great summer must-do/must-try event, with lots of activities and staff who can be on hand to help nudge guide the children and help get their imaginations going.

As a mum of boys I do love The Wild West theme but I do imagine to many young children like Half Pint they will always just see sand and think of the beach. Does that really matter? Nah! We are going to imagine that we are sheriff paw patrol pups who are on holiday at a beach resort in The Wild West because, well, we can!

Thanks to Frosts for inviting the Half Pint, Squishee, Mr LouBou and I over to preview The Wild West at Frosts. We had a lovely afternoon. Squishee discovered sand for the first time and he loved it. Yay!


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