New blogging kit!

But where’s the damn SD card slot!?

When I opened up my present on Christmas Day and unveiled my first ever MacBook Pro I think the screams could’ve been heard some 100 miles away.

After hugging the box for hours, I finally plucked up the courage to open the cellophane and get it set up.

Once it was out the box I think one of the very first things I said to Mr LouBou was, “There’s no SD card reader”. On my old Sony Vaio I had a few different media slots and ports. On this MacBook, nada. Just a few identical small slots and a headphone hole.

I am a blogger and a mother. All I do most days is take photos. Kid pics, family pics, food pics. I use my iPhone but I also use a DSLR which I just throw to one side in favour of taking the SD card out and just shoving it in my laptop*.

I was ok with needing an external SD card reader in exchange for the fancy MacBook, but after visiting the Apple Store I was told there wasn’t an official external SD card reader available that would fit the new MacBook without buying different bits n bobs. There was one third party card reader from SanDisk and it was £45. Ouch.

*I know you can hook up your camera directly to your MacBook but half the time I am working on the sofa, in bed, lying on the floor. I much prefer having just to to contend with an SD card rather than dragging my camera around connected to my laptop.

So, what does anyone do when you can’t find a product at the price you want it? Yeah, search for it on There I found one by a company I hadn’t heard of before called Ugreen. It was only a tenner. SO much cheaper than the one available through the Apple Store. I messaged them to ask if this was definitely the right product to connect me and before I knew it they had offered to send me one to test it out. Extremely friendly company!

It’s a USB-C card reader and it just plugs in and goes. It is slightly irritating having to have something sticking out the side of the MacBook but that is Apple’s fault, not Ugreens. The MacBook is still a dream to use and I would have to be taken kicking and screaming back to my old Vaio.

Lesson for me here is, I was a bit apprehensive about the cheaper product, the brand name I had no experience with. I could’ve taken the hit with the £45 product available from Apple but this product from Ugreen does exactly what I need it and for less than £10.

After the horror stories of cheap or unofficial Apple accessories being dangerous, maybe it’s time to rethink that not all cheap peripherals are bad?